Christendom College


Celebrating 30 Years, College Welcomes New Students

One hundred and fifteen new students traveled from the nearby towns of Virginia and 28 other states, as well as, Canada, and England, to complete the student body of 400 at Christendom College, nestled in the Shenandoah Valley and now celebrating its 30th Anniversary.  The students come for an education faithful to the Catholic Church and to experience a unique way of life. Small in size yet praised by such people as President George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI,…

High School Students Enjoy Catholic Immersion Program

Eighty-seven high school students came from 25 different states and beyond, including Spain and Malaysia, to experience the engaging classrooms and the truly Catholic culture at Christendom College’s High School Summer Program. All were enthralled with what Christendom calls “a way of life.” Instructed by Christendom College faculty, the students were immersed into the heart of Catholic tradition and thought, taking courses in Theology, Philosophy, History, and Literature. The courses, coupled with the engaging cultural and recreational activities, gave the…

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