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Advisory Board Member Robert D. Potter Dies at 86

The Honorable Robert D. Potter, U.S. District Court judge and Christendom College Advisory Board member, passed away on July 2, 2009, at 86 years of age. A long time supporter of Christendom College, he often hosted fundraising dinners for the college in North Carolina. Potter was also a trustee of the Cowan Foundation, which donated a leadership gift in 2001 to Christendom College in support of its first capital campaign, allowing the college to erect St. Catherine's Residence Hall. In…

Speakers Examine St. Paul’s Contributions to the Church at Annual Conference

"The phenomenon of cafeteria Catholics is real, widely accepted, and practiced," Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde told over 200 attendees at Christendom College's 2-day conference entitled St. Paul: His Spiritual and Scriptural Contributions to the Church held June 26-27. "We hear all the time, 'I personally believe that abortion is wrong, but why should the Church tell me that my vote should be in accord with my faith' or 'Sure, for me marriage is the union of one man and one…

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