Christendom College

Political Science Professor Luckey Interviewed on Ave Maria Radio

June 29, 2012

luckey-last-2Christendom College Political Science & Economics Professor Dr. William Luckey appeared on Ave Maria Radio earlier this week.  Interviewed by Steve Koob on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” radio show, Luckey addressed the issue of rising healthcare costs and “Obamacare.”

Luckey, who holds advanced degrees in business, economics, politics, and theology, said that, while the Church teaches that people should have access to ordinary medical care because of their human dignity, the Church offers no teaching on how that is to be accomplished.

He explained that developing a plan to make healthcare more accessible must be done prudentially and that more government involvement in healthcare is not the answer.

“Government regulations and lawyers have raised the cost of medicine off the charts,” he said. “People say, ‘Oh no, but the government has to provide the healthcare.’ Well, what does the government do that’s really good? Let’s take the Post Office, which in debt for billions of dollars. Let’s take the DMV, which is terribly disorganized and you go in there and you have to wait forever—[the government] does not do these things very well.”

Listen to the full program here.