Christendom College

President O’Donnell and Alumnus to Provide Conclave Coverage for Vatican TV and Radio

March 11, 2013

vatican-tv-radio-watch-liveCollege President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell and alumnus Chris Wells (’97) will provide the English voiceover for Vatican TV and Radio’s coverage of the opening of the Papal conclave on March 12, 2013, starting at approximately 11:15 a.m. EST. Vatican TV and Radio is the official feed for all media covering the conclave and O’Donnell and Wells’ commentary will be used for all the English speaking countries around the world.

The conclave will start with the Cardinals being assembled in the Pauline Chapel for prayer, after which, they will process from the Pauline to the Sistine Chapel. Entering the Chapel, the Cardinals will approach a podium, where each one will repeat the oath to observe the procedures set down by the apostolic constitutions. After all the Cardinals have taken the oath, the command “Exeunt omnes!” is proclaimed, and the Chapel doors will be locked, bringing the broadcast to a close.

Tune in here:

Also, O’Donnell and Christendom students have recently made appearances of EWTN.

O’Donnell recounts his memory of the election of Blessed Pope John Paul the Great and reflects of the pontificate of Benedict XVI:

O’Donnell appears on “Vatican Daily with Colleen Carroll Campbell.” Watch at 18:10 :

Christendom students are guest on “Life on the Rock.” Watch two different groups of students at 13:00 and 38:00: