Christendom College

Class of 2013 Raises $20,000 for their Alma Mater

August 30, 2013


The 2013 Student Philanthropy Board members (L-R): Dean Dewey, Colleen Harmon, David Townsend, Emi Funai, Jacob Akers, Sadie Bratt, Rob Hambleton, and Theresa Jalsevac.

Determined to do something great for their school, eight students from the Class of 2013 dedicated their time and effort to create an innovative educational program to teach their classmates about the importance of alumni giving. They formed the Student Philanthropy Board with the goal of sending out Christendom’s 35th Anniversary class with more than 87% committed to financially supporting the school in the future.

The Board’s broader goal was to create a program that would ensure that every graduate who leaves the College understands both the value of their education and the community that came together to make it possible.

“We were extremely excited to start this student driven initiative to teach upcoming alumni about the importance of giving back,” said David Townsend, Philanthropy Board Founding President. David and his fellow Board members believe that alumni who donate send a powerful message to the world about the value of their education and its impact on their lives – their gifts are a continuation of the community that built them up.

The Board created a program with the theme, “Educate. Invigorate. Donate.” The program included a series of three events, a marketing program highlighting the impact of donors on the day-to-day lives of Christendom students, and a final Senior Giving pledge drive.


A dining hall table-top announcement from the board’s marketing program.

Driven by the enthusiastic response of their classmates, the Board surpassed their 87% goal just a few hours before the final event: an appreciation night for the Senior Class donors, hosted by President and Mrs. Timothy O’Donnell at their home. The class was encouraged by the fact that if they met their goal, an anonymous donor would donate $5,000 to their cause, which proved to be the powerful motivating force that drove the class to succeed at the final hour.

The Board is confident that their program made a difference because so many of their classmates gave multi-year pledges or made ongoing recurring gifts to the College.

“These weren’t just token gifts,” said senior Dean Dewey. “They gave sacrificially to show that they loved the College and to make sure that our class left an enduring mark on Christendom.”

The Class of 2013’s gifts to the Senior Class Endowment will provide scholarships for the children of alumni who attend Christendom and help to ensure the future stability of the school.