Christendom College

Local Politicians Help Launch New College Republicans Group on Campus

February 12, 2015

republicanThe newly organized College Republicans club, an initiative of two freshmen students, held its inaugural meeting at the end of January, featuring two local political figures: John Connolly and Thomas Sayre.

Connolly, a graduate of Christendom College, is a member of the Front Royal Town Council, while Sayre, who was a long-time member of that same council until recently, is planning on running for the position of supervisor for the Shenandoah District in Warren County.

Co-presidents of the club Sydney Dominguez and Evan Moore founded the group to give students the opportunity to defend their political ideologies and assist with political campaigns.
In his address to the members of the club, Connolly summed up the ideals of the Republican Party —ideals he says any good Catholic can hold.

“All individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens of a free society; that fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government; that the federal government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations; that peace is best preserved through a strong national defense; and that faith in God as recognized by the Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the nation.”

Sayre described politics as a “lofty vocation.”

“Don’t fear criticism; fear a society where you can’t criticize,” he said.  “Each one of us together can make this a better place.”

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