Christendom College

Dr. William Luckey Stresses Importance of Economics in a Catholic Lifestyle at Christendom

May 5, 2015

luckey-1Dr. William Luckey, adjunct scholar of the Acton Institute, spoke to Christendom students as part of the college’s politics practica program on May 4. A current member of the department of political science and economics at Christendom College, Luckey stressed the importance of economics in a Catholic lifestyle, and gave advice to students on how to find internships in the fields of economics and business administration during and after college.

Luckey, who has been frequently published in Faith and Reason and The Journal of Markets and Morality and, among many other degrees, holds an MA in economics, began by addressing the importance of economics for Catholics, even in an academic setting.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that business is an inferior choice, or that it goes against God’s plan,” Luckey said to the students. “We are here to take what is given to us and use it for our survival and enjoyment. The body has to be taken care of first before the mind can be developed. To be successful and to do things for society allows you to have a better life.”

Luckey is a disciple of the Austrian school of economics, which incorporates the Church’s social teachings into their economical beliefs. Continuing this topic, Luckey went on to speak about the importance of accounting, and the benefits that can arise from taking this career path.

“Accounting teaches how an organization functions,” he said. “The complexity of the economic structure and our country’s tax system in this day and age allows for many opportunities to be taken in the economic field.”

The liberal arts education at Christendom, with its emphases on problem-solving and interpersonal skills, makes Christendom students ideal candidates for finding success in these fields, Luckey believes — whether in economics specifically, or in business administration as well.

“There are a variety of great opportunities available to you in non-profit organizations, small businesses, marketing, management, and so forth — to succeed in any of these fields, one has to see the opportunities that no one else sees, and take advantage of them. You have the creativity to take find these opportunities,” Luckey said.

Luckey concluded by advising students to look seriously into entrepreneurship as a career choice.

“Entrepreneurship is the way in which one can be most creative,” he advised. “An entrepreneur takes on the risk of what he is doing, and starts off small in order to produce things to show to people who might be willing to show interest.”

Christendom College’s politics practica program, directed by professor of political science and economics Dr. Bernard Way, has been a unique feature of the political science department for many years, giving students the opportunities to not only network with known political figures, but also earn credit for rigorous political internships.