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Christendom Press to Celebrate Release of New Book

September 24, 2015

rejoincing-in-truthDr. Christopher Blum, professor and academic dean of the Augustine Institute, will deliver a public lecture titled “Old Books against the New Slavery: Newman’s Ideal Today” at St. John the Beloved Church in McLean, Va. on October 8, as part of the launch party for his latest book from Christendom Press: Rejoicing in the Truth: Wisdom and the Educator’s Craft. Directly following the talk, which will be given after the 6:00 pm Mass, Christendom Press will host a reception and book signing with Blum for the newly released title.

In the book, Blum, a former professor at Christendom, offers a series of different looks at the life of a Christian educator. Informed by the philosophical and theological visions of John Henry Newman, John Paul II, Alasdair MacIntyre, and, above all, Thomas Aquinas, the volume invites the reader to a joyous pursuit of truth and to a life dedicated to intellectual charity, and offers a vision for the renewal of Christian education through the intentional pursuit of wisdom.

Dr. Andrew Beer, the director of Christendom Press, sees the work as a perfect follow-up to Christendom Press’ The Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition & the Renewal of Catholic History, a historical work from Blum and Christendom professor Dr. Christopher Shannon.

Rejoicing in the Truth is the ideal sequel to our publication of The Past as Pilgrimage last year. The Past as Pilgrimage shows the way to a renewal of Catholic history as an essential part of the flourishing of our common life. Rejoicing in the Truth offers a similar vision for renewal of the whole of Catholic education. Both books beautifully exemplify the goods of a life spent in pursuit of truth and wisdom,” says Beer.

The work is already receiving critical acclaim, with Dr. Joshua P. Hochschild, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Mount St. Mary’s University, saying that “Blum guides us back into the heart of the classical and Christian tradition, reacquainting us with saints and sages of intellectual virtue. The result is not just an exhortation to pursue, but a stunning example of a well-formed mind.”

Following the talk, books will be available for purchase and Dr. Blum will be present to sign copies. For more information on the talk and book-signing, please download this flyer here.

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