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Christendom Alumni to Host Massive Summer Tour Across America and Beyond

May 27, 2016

summer-tour-1This summer, Christendom alumni across the nation are taking part in an event of unprecedented size: the “Grill’n and Chill’n Christendom Alumni Summer Tour.” Organized by the college’s alumni advisory council, the tour will feature barbecues, opportunities to meet local alumni, chances to win prizes, and more during the summer months, as the college aims to strengthen the bonds of fellowship between alumni of the college.

Christendom’s recently formed alumni advisory council began planning the large tour this past spring, under the leadership and guidance of council chair Karla (Kuykendall) Hester and her husband, fellow council member Timothy Hester. Together, with the help of the council and Christendom staff members, they organized twenty-six separate stops across the United States and Canada from May through July, with the Hesters devoting their entire summer to attend nearly every event.

According to assistant director of alumni and donor relations Vince Criste, the summer tour gives Christendom’s widespread alumni base the chance to reconnect, strengthen bonds, and share resources with one another, building a more vibrant, cohesive alumni network in the process.

“With all of the exciting new things happening at Christendom, including larger graduating classes and Christendom’s growing reputation as the gold standard in Catholic higher education, there’s no better time to rally together as alumni around the vision of Dr. Carroll, and truly go out to make a difference in the world. The summer tour is a great way to accomplish this, bringing Christendom to different cities across America and Canada in an unprecedented manner,” says Criste.


Christendom’s alumni advisory council, meeting this past February.

“In each one of these cities, there are alumni who perhaps have never met before, but share a common background in having received a Christendom education. Through the tour, they might be able to connect for the first time, and really make a difference in their local community and beyond as a result,” says Criste.

The tour will begin this coming Memorial Day weekend, with the Hesters traveling to Memphis, Tenn., Louisville, Ky., and Nashville, Tenn. to meet and mingle with the alumni of those areas. After this weekend, the tour will kick off with stops up and down the East Coast, before moving across the Midwest for stops in Indiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, and more. After hitting up stops along the West Coast, including California and Arizona, the tour will wrap up back in Virginia on July 30.

The “Grill’n and Chill’n” tour is the first of many projects from the alumni advisory council, as they aim to continue bringing alumni together with various events throughout the year. If interested in learning how to help the alumni advisory council, including by becoming a class representative, please visit here.

To see the schedule of stops for the summer tour and to register, please visit here. To keep up with the tour throughout the summer, be sure to visit the Summer Tour blog, and follow the tour on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.