Christendom College

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Praises Christendom College

November 28, 2016

pultizer-1Longtime journalist Paul Greenberg wrote glowingly of Christendom College in a recent editorial for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, praising its curriculum for inspiring “a life of faith and reason” in today’s world of increasingly specialized higher education.

Arguing for strength amidst today’s “contagious grip of…ideological fashions,” Greenberg discusses Christendom College in relation to an article written by First Things editor R.R. Reno, concerning his visit to Christendom in October for his Major Speaker lecture. After reading the article, Greenberg was impressed with this school that is “a small cog in the vast machinery of what is laughingly called higher education in this country.”

“Christendom College is hidden away from the maze of worldly concerns in this land of the free and home of the unlettered. It doesn’t even accept federal grants, which have become the life’s blood of American education and a great point of pride among other schools. The school’s curriculum, like its mission, is traditional, geared toward a life of the mind and spirit rather than urging its students, like so many trained seals, to climb the greasy pole of politics,” writes Greenberg.

Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg

Greenberg particularly touches upon Reno’s comparison of Christendom to his own alma mater, Haverford College, which have similar student body sizes. The similarities stop there, however, as Haverford is simply another “feeder school,” according to both Reno and Greenberg, as it feeds “the most talented of our young people into the maw of this modern-day Moloch, god of progress, or what goes by that name.”

Hope for this generation cannot be found at such schools, but can be found at ones such as Christendom, according to Greenberg. Rather than simply inspiring students to be cogs in the machine and live only for progress, Christendom’s education and culture inspires students to lives of faith and reason, in order to go out and “restore all things in Christ” — something that Greenberg says is “how rare, and how welcome.”

“[T]he little Christendom Colleges of the land proliferate like so many blessings, waiting only to be gathered up. There is no need to spy them out, They’re not hiding but are there in plain sight. Look around and you’ll find one. Both you and your kid might be glad you did,” concludes Greenberg.

Paul Greenberg is an American syndicated columnist, who is currently the editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing in 1969.

To read his full article, click here. To read all of Reno’s comments on Christendom College, please pick up the latest print edition of First Things.