Christendom College

The Heritage Foundation’s Dr. Ryan T. Anderson Argues Against Redefinition of Marriage

January 31, 2017

Nationally recognized religious freedom expert Dr. Ryan T. Anderson delivered a lecture to the Christendom community on Monday, January 30, speaking on “Marriage Equality’: Religious Freedom or a ‘License to Discriminate.’” The nuanced talk, which delved into the United States’ controversial redefinition of marriage, provided listeners with strong, logical arguments for traditional marriage to utilize in the public square.

View Anderson’s talk below.

This lecture was part of the college’s Major Speaker’s Program, an important aspect of the academic life at the college that offers the students and community an opportunity for cultural, intellectual, and spiritual enrichment beyond the classroom. Through the program, students are able to gain greater insights and depth of understanding of important issues, and to interact personally with a wide range of men and women who are shapers and critics of our society.