Christendom College

Alumnus Key to Landing Internships in Congress

April 26, 2017

Capitol Hill is a fascinating place to be in our times. With so many changes occurring, almost daily, it is proving to be an exciting place to work, enticing many college students to try and get into the political arena, particularly as interns. Christendom generally sends many students to DC to intern over the summers, and now they have a unique aid in that pursuit: alumnus Cyrus Artz (’10). After several years as the organizer of the GOP Job and Resume Bank, which advertises congressional job openings and places candidates, Artz is well positioned to give crucial advice to students looking to stand out in Washington.

Artz, a 2010 graduate from Christendom, has been actively involved in politics since his time as a student. Now, he is the chief of staff for a congresswoman on Capitol Hill.

After finding a vocation in working to protect Christendom’s values and conservative principles, it’s a pleasure to help Christendom students navigate the same professional world as they seek to find their own,” says Artz. “I hope that many of those students will find legislative debates and parliamentary maneuvering as thrilling as I do and choose politics as an arena in which to restore all things in Christ.”

Artz, a political science and economics major, has been involved with political activism since college, when he founded Christendom Students for Life. Since graduation, he has moved up the political ladder, serving first as an intern before becoming a member of the professional policy staff for the U.S. House Republican Study Committee. In 2012, Artz served overseas in Afghanistan as a Signal Systems Support Specialist for the National Guard, which he had been a part of since 2006 and during his time at Christendom.. Upon his return, Artz picked up where he left off, joining the staff of U.S. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina.

With years of experience organizing the GOP Job and Resume Bank, Artz is uniquely capable of helping current Christendom’s students land internships in Congress.

Today, Artz is the Chief of Staff for Foxx, after serving as her legislative director for two years. While Congress can be a tumultuous and sometimes frustrating place, Artz loves what he does and is proud to bring his Christendom perspective to the House of Representatives.

 “Christendom greatly improved my writing and professional judgment, but most importantly, it cultivated my faith and the values intrinsic to it.  That foundation has been essential to my work and will continue to underpin it in the future,” concludes Artz.