Emergency Information

Christendom College is aware and deeply concerned about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris as they relate to the security and safety of those participating in the Rome program.

Chris Vander Woude, the Dean of Students, and Katy Ott, our Rome Director, continue to monitor the situation closely. Based on Italy’s recent increased security threat level, the only group activities will include class for the next week as we continue to monitor the situation and advisories from both the Italian government and US Embassy. The Rome staff will be in regular contact with the students currently enrolled in Rome as to any information from the AACUPI or the US Government with regards to security threats or increased risk levels both in Italy and throughout Europe.

Travel advisories will be monitored through http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html, and we ask students or their parents to register with STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) if they haven’t already at http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/go/step.html. In addition all students and staff are listed with the US Embassy and a review of the Emergency Plan will be discussed immediately with all students and staff. Specific questions or comments can be directed to Mr. Chris Vander Woude at 540-636-2900 x1271 or by email at cvanderwoude@christendom.edu or by emailing Miss Katy Ott at kott@christendom.edu. You can also contact the Director of Rome Preparation Miss Caitlin Bowers at 540-636-2900 x1363.

Christendom College is committed to providing a safe and secure campus for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our beautiful campus and all it offers. In pursuit of that goal, the College strives to protect the community by preparing for any emergency and keeping everyone in the know. Although our campus is among the safest places you can be, we want to be prepared to handle any emergency situation that may occur.

Look to this website for any urgent announcements or alerts—from health to weather.

If you are a student, please take a moment to sign up for Emergency Alerts, powered by the e2Campus notification system.