Graduate School Language Requirements 

MA students concentrating in systematic or moral theology must demonstrate an ability to read Latin as part of their degree requirements.  Students may take a competency exam to satisfy this requirement.  The exam consists of a theological passage in Latin to translate into English with the aid of a Latin/English dictionary. 

Alternatively, students may satisfy this requirement by successfully completing LATN 501:  Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin, which is usually offered in the spring semester and occasionally during the summer. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis and the credits earned do not count in the required credit total for the Master of Arts degree.  There is no language requirement for the Consecrated Life  or catechetics concentrations.

Occasionally, other language courses may be offered as a convenience for students, but the credits earned for language courses never count towards the Master’s degree or diploma, nor may language courses be audited – they must be taken for credit because of the grading work involved for the professor.