Graduate Academic Policies  

For an explanation of all academic policies of the Christendom Graduate School, please refer to the Bulletin.

Course Extensions & Course Re-activation


If for a grave reason a student is unable to complete the requirements for a course by the end of the semester, he may apply in writing to the professor for an extension either by filling out the “Course Extension Request” form or by emailing the professor.  If the professor approves the request, he will submit a temporary grade of “incomplete” and the student will have an extended period in which to submit the remaining work, as determined by the professor; however, the deadline may not extend beyond July 31 for the spring semester, October 31 for the summer semester, or March 31 for the fall semester. Extensions/incompletes are granted at the discretion of the professor, and only for grave reasons such as illness, unexpected job-related or family obligations or other serious incapacity. However, because of the intensity of the Christendom Summer Program, full-time summer students (registered for at least 6 hours) may automatically have the extension without having to establish a grave reason: they may have until October 31 to submit any research paper, project, or written assignment other than an exam. This policy applies to all courses, whether onsite or online.

For online courses, the extension permission is intended for research papers and essay exams, not for regular weekly course work such as viewing videos, taking quizzes and submitting weekly assignments; professors cannot be expected to continue monitoring the e-classroom after the regular course period is over, and we cannot guarantee access to the e-classroom after the end of the semester.

Students who have more than two incomplete courses may not be permitted to register for an upcoming semester.


If a student (after having been granted an extension) fails to submit the required work by the extension deadline, the only way he may complete the course (to avoid having to re-register for and re-take the course) is to fill out the Course Reactivation Request form and submit it to the Registrar along with the $250 course reactivation fee. If the Dean of the Graduate School approves the request, the Registrar will then reactivate the course and notify the professor that he may accept the remaining required course work. A student may reactivate each incomplete course only once, and only within a year of the original due date (the end of the semester in which the course was taken) by which time all course requirements must be submitted; otherwise, the student must re-register for and re-take the course if he wants credit for it.


Plagiarism is a serious academic offence and is not tolerated at Christendom. Students must give proper attribution to every idea derived from elsewhere, even the internet. For more information, please see “Plagiarism: What It is and How to Avoid It” on the Graduate Student Resource Center. If in doubt, please check with your professor or with Dr. Burns.