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The Education for a Lifetime Program

Instilling a greater confidence in our students.

QEP-LOGOEducation for a Lifetime is Christendom’s academic and professional integration program, which aims to enhance the student learning environment by integrating students’ career discernment into their liberal arts education through a series of Career Development courses. Taught throughout the students four years, the courses, CCOL 101 and 301, are each worth one credit and consist of both classroom sessions and mandatory workshops.

The Career Development courses are oriented toward four key learning outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of a Liberal Arts education and how it bears on their future role as men and women who contribute to the Christian renovation of the temporal order.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of leadership and service and how those virtues can be applied in their future lives as faithful, informed, and articulate members of Christ’s Church and Society after graduation.
  3. Students will demonstrate an awareness of their personality preferences and develop a practical strategy to incorporate that knowledge into their plans for their personal growth here at Christendom.
  4. Students will develop a personalized Career Portfolio.

These learning outcomes respect Christendom’s mission and strong liberal arts tradition and establish a commitment to instill in our students greater confidence in their ability to take their next steps following graduation.

CCOL 101 for freshmen and sophomores consists of a classroom portion spanning approximately six weeks along with three mandatory workshops. During the fall of the freshman year, all freshman will attend the classroom portion of the course, covering topics such as the value of a liberal arts education, concepts of leadership and service, basic library research skills, the functions and attitudes of their personality, and how their interests may influence their future choice of major and career. During the spring semester of their freshman year, they will participate in a workshop designed to let them further explore their interests and the opportunities they will have at Christendom to pursue those interests in positions of both leadership and followership. During the fall semester of their sophomore year, they will participate in a workshop that digs deeper into the concept of leadership, exploring topics such as emergent and situational leadership in a hands-on way. Finally, during the spring semester of their sophomore year, they will participate in a workshop designed to further their research skills, particularly as they relate to career discernment.

Structured similarly to CCOL 101, CCOL 301 will begin to focus juniors and seniors more specifically on preparing for the transition from college into whatever comes next. Juniors will participate in a classroom portion designed around: how to carry their liberal arts education into the world beyond college, how to apply what they’ve learned about leadership and service during their time at Christendom into their lives as members of Christ’s Church and Society after graduation, and how to translate their personality preferences and interests into careers in which they can thrive, both personally and professionally. In their junior year workshop, students will map out a personalized career plan that they can implement in their senior year as they begin the process of career searching. Due to the unique nature of Christendom’s junior year, with many of our students attending classes in Rome during one semester, both the classroom session and workshop will be offered both semesters. During the fall semester of their senior year, students will participate in a workshop on writing effective resumes. To conclude the course, seniors will hone their interviewing skills in a spring-semester workshop.