Quotes from students who attended Experience Christendom Summer Programs

Testimonies from past "Experience Christendom" Summer Programs

For the past couple of years, my family and I had been vigorously searching for a college that would provide a classic, professional education for me, and yet would also have a pious Catholic atmosphere. We looked into every Catholic school from Belmont Abbey, to St. Thomas Aquinas, to Notre Dame. However, our searching came to an abrupt halt when we discovered Christendom at the Ignited by Truth convention in Raleigh (or so it did for my parents). Since then, they became more and more intrigued with the school. However, I was very skeptical to enroll in this school, mostly because of the fact that it was not a university, and that it seemed that no one had ever heard of it. After the summer program, my perspective of the school took a gargantuan turn. Instantly, I was welcomed by the staff and counselors with open arms. I was blown away by the beauty of the campus. Even though it is not a university, the academic level of the school is beyond anything one could expect from most colleges, even some Ivy League schools. Not only that, but the professors did an excellent job of making the topics interesting and enjoyable. Also, the friendships that were created during that time were incredible. Almost immediately, I developed life-long relationships with these people that will probably never be extinguished. Finally, the zeal for the Catholic faith at that school was overwhelming. The ECSP set my future path in motion and finally gave me a passion for my college experience. Robert G., NC-Summer 2014

I loved the Experience Christendom Summer Program!! Before I came I was not sure if I wanted to go to college or get a job or what I wanted to do with my life. I was a little nervous before coming but after experiencing Christendom classes and extra circular activities I fell in love with the school! The classes were great! The professors kept us engaged and made me want to come back to class the next day to continue to learn. I did not realize how much there is to learn and how little we know until I went to the classes during the program. I also love the fact that there are swing dances at Christendom. I had done a little swing dancing before the program, but the Christendom dances showed me how fun it is!! The barn dance at Dr. Cuddeback's barn was the best!! I also enjoyed the Irish sing along! All the counselors were great role models, they took time to talk to us and become our friends, they could swing dance, they were encouraging and fun, but also could be serious when it was time to be serious. Being able to attend Mass everyday was such a blessing!! It helped me to remember God more often and to know that this is a truly Catholic school, teaching the truth and keeping God a part of the lives of the students. I would definitely recommend the summer program to any Catholic teen looking for a college, ECSP will give you a whole new perspective on college and will be one of the best weeks of your life!!! Lisa F., VA - Summer 2014

Christendom’s Summer Program was amazing, and it was one of the best weeks of my life.  Why?  The classes were cool and the professors were awesome.  The activities, especially the swing dances, which I’d never done before, were unbelievably fun.  There was time cut out for God every day, but it wasn't overwhelming; instead, it deepened the experience of the camp and brought me closer to Christ.  And the people were simply awesome.  The counselors were some of the most authentic and most fun people I've ever met, and every one of the other kids was incredibly nice and incredibly awesome and we quickly became more than friends-we became a family.  The amount of love I feel for these people I knew for only a week is unreal.  ECSP was an amazing experience, from Philosophy class to the Irish Sing Along to even the Talent Show.  It was truly one of the best weeks of my life, and I have no regrets about going.  If there’s an opportunity to go to this camp, I urge you to seize it.  You will have no regrets.  The fun you’ll have, the people you’ll meet, and the friends you’ll make will stick with you.  Christendom is an amazing place, and ESCP was an amazing week.  Attend the Program, and you will experience the incredible week, you will experience Christendom College, and you will experience Christ. Zach H., CT - Summer 2014

ECSP blew my expectations away. I had read previous reviews saying that it was "boring" or "too catholic". These people had no idea what they were talking about.  Last week gave me a short respite from the troubled world. And I enjoyed every second of it. If I had to describe the program in one sentence it would be: "The ultimate combination of faith, learning, and fun." Benjamin M., VA - Summer 2014

The week I went to Christendom's summer program was literally the best week of my life! It was life-changing for me! I was lucky enough to grab the last available slot to go, or else I would have missed out on an incredible week.  I don't think I came to the Program as excited as I wanted to be, and was a bit nervous in not knowing anybody or how the week was going to go.  As soon as my dad and I pulled into the campus, however, the counselors greeted us and made me feel so welcomed.  I got the best roommates I could have asked for.  We got along so great, and I think everybody became fast friends instantly on the first night! I didn't think it would be that easy! Throughout the week, I loved getting to know the other participants, and especially loved how like-minded we all were. I left the Program with some of the most solid friendships I've formed. Everyone strived for a solid, Catholic atmosphere, and Christendom went above and beyond to prove that their school had that.  It was just amazing! The professors blew me away with their enthusiasm and knowledge, as well as how much they valued including the Catholic Faith in their classes.  I was so sad when the last class ended! Mass and adoration at the Chapel of Christ the King was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I loved how traditional the Mass and it's songs were, for it's something I don't get to experience where I live.  Knowing that Mass and adoration are daily and highly valued at Christendom just made me love the college even more.  And of course, the swing dancing was so much fun! I absolutely LOVE swing dancing, and was so excited about all the dancing we got to do while we were there!! I love how Christendom is so big into swing dancing! The debate on Tuesday night was pretty interesting as well.  I'd never gone to a debate before this one, and I really enjoyed it! By the end of the week, I was certain Christendom was my college.  There is no doubt in my mind.  The education system, the small size of the college, the personal relationships with every person there, and Christ as the center of it all sold it for me! I did NOT want to leave when Saturday came around! I'd been able to be closer to God than I had been in a long while, and I really felt His touch while I was there. I'd gotten a new look on life, as far as finishing up school and the drive to do whatever I could do to come to Christendom in the fall next year as a freshman.  So a big thank you goes out to everyone who was there: faculty, professors, participants, counselors, and who came up with the idea of the Program in the first place!  I loved getting to Experience Christendom!!! Caeli S., MD - Summer 2014

The Experience Christendom Summer Program did exactly what it was designed to do: it gave me a glimpse of Christendom itself. Dr. Warren Carroll succeeded mightily in his attempt to create a microcosm of Christendom as it once was within Christendom College. After attending the Summer Program, I would happily spend the rest of my life in Front Royal, Virginia. In one week, I rediscovered myself, and was inundated with grace, joy, and happiness. If you visit Christendom College, you will be plunged into prayer, thrilled by Theology, become friends with Philosophy, behold beauty in God’s creation, come into contact with the Mystical Body of Christ as you never have before. You will dance, sing, shout, run, live as you didn’t know you could. How do I know? Because I lived it. Are you a Catholic? Come to Christendom. Do you enjoy (or dislike!) Philosophy? Come to Christendom. Do you desire Christ-centered yet competitive athletics, or do you enjoy academic work? Come to Christendom. Do you want to forge friendships that are founded in faith? Come to Christendom. Do you want to meet me? Come to Christendom, because I’ll be there! - Peter L., OH - Summer 2014

While I can't speak for others, I know that the program had a great impact on me. Originally my goals in going were simply to get acquainted with the college and to have fun. While I definitely accomplished both of those goals, the program gave me much more than I expected. All of the counselors were amazing: fun (and a little crazy at times) and great role models; the women counselors especially gave me a great example in serving those younger than myself by their accessibility and willingness to get to know the campers. I met so many wonderful people who inspired me with their knowledge and talents and awed me with their love and reverence for God, especially the Holy Eucharist. Being around so many passionate young Catholics really helped me grow in my love for the Church. I now know that I don't need to hold back from setting high standards--there are people out there who not only meet but exceed them, and who motivate me to set higher standards! God really worked on me during the program through the time spent in Mass and Adoration, helping me to seek His will more wholeheartedly in certain areas of my life and to develop a new perspective that will really help me as I enter my senior year of high school. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that attending the program gave me. - Ellen F., NE - Summer 2014

ECSP Session #2 really blew my expectations away. I had mixed emotions leading up to the summer program. I was really excited and really nervous all at the same time. It was my first time flying by myself and my first time going to summer program so far away from home. I knew I was going to love this program but a little nervous I wouldn’t make friends. But I was SO wrong! I made the best friends of my life and I am so thankful. The environment  and the counselors made me feel like I was part of the Christendom family. The professors were welcoming and exciting. I loved how the professors were so involved in our experience through the week. Being able to eat lunch with them and going to their houses and dancing in their barns was pretty surreal. Being able to Irish dance at Dr. O'Donnell's barn and at the talent show was amazing. I’ve been to Ireland three times and absolutely loved it every single time so to come to this summer program and experience all the Irish pride was fulfilling.   Going into the summer program I didn’t really truly like the idea of going to Mass and Adoration/Benediction every day but doing that made me a better Catholic (which I was really Catholic before that). I have never been to Adoration/Benediction before this summer program but after going every day I have a better understanding of it and wanted to go every day. Being at this summer program made me feel like I was even closer to Christ. I don’t have a favorite part because every single second of that summer program was incredible. I have absolutely no regrets and wouldn’t change a thing about it. It was sincerely the best week of my life. As I am typing this I am getting very emotional because that is how much this summer program and Christendom College has impacted my life. I feel like Christendom College is the right school for me. I am really Catholic, really Conservative, and really Irish. I hope I will be a future Crusader (even though my high school is the Catholic Memorial Crusaders). Go raibh maith agat Colaiste Christendom (thank you Christendom College in Irish). Courtney H., WI- Summer 2014

ECSP blew me away. I arrived with very low expectations, thinking that I would be really bored and wanting to go home the whole week. How wrong I was! By the last day, I did not want to leave at all. I had met so many great people, learned so many great things in the classes I took, and had so much fun at all the dances! Not only that, but the opportunities to adore Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament gave me many graces. I would highly recommend doing the ECSP for all teenage-Catholics who are serious about attending a college that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. They will not be disappointed! Luke M, NJ - Summer 2014

This summer program was  truly AMAZING!!!! At first I was hesitant about going but afterwards I couldn't stop talking about it. All of the professors really understood what they were teaching and they were not merely professors but,  to be apart of the Christendom family. All of the counselors were very helpful and really fun to be around!! I have made so many new friends during this program and I am so grateful that I went to this program! After attending this program, I know am definitely applying to Christendom College. God Bless, Sabrina M., VA - Summer 2014 

My expectations for the program were immensely high, having heard from several others how amazing it was, including my history teacher, who attended it several years ago and went on to graduate from Christendom.  I looked forward to all the activities, and felt that they would be pretty familiar — hiking, dancing, debating, taking classes — these were things I had done before.  However, at the summer program I received an entirely new and wonderful taste of them. Each activity surpassed my expectations, exceeding what I even dreamed they would be.  On our hike, we said the Rosary at the top of Compton Peak, looking around and marveling at the beauty of creation.  The philosophy class was stimulating and unlike any other discussion of philosophy that I have ever had.  Also, I have never learned more about the richness of Scripture in so short a time than with Dr. O’Donnell, whose in-depth knowledge had me in awe. There were so many new experiences.  I did aerials for the first time in swing dancing, and I learned how to contra dance.  Another privilege was witnessing the great minds and impressive rhetoric on display during the Chester-Belloc Debate.  These are just some of the blessings I received from the program, and the whole experience was a great insight into the college whose mission is "to restore all things in Christ.” - Laura C., VA - Summer 2014

I came into Christendom’s Summer Program, like most people, with mediocre expectations. The classes interested me, the activities seemed like they could be fun, and the concept of trying to befriend 40+ people in just a week, to be honest, made me pretty nervous. By the time I left, however, my perception of Christendom had been completely blown out of the water. The classes-philosophy and theology in particular-left me smiling from ear to ear with the enlightening knowledge that they imparted; the dances, the debate, the hike, etc. were all amazing experiences that provided a bonding and learning opportunity at every turn; and, the people were (and still are!), some of the truest friends I have ever known, if it’s possible to believe such friendships can be formed in just a few days. The young men were real gentlemen, and the young ladies were both mature and modest. All were Catholic to the core, which gave me so much hope. It was so inspiring to be around people my age who have the same ideals and beliefs as I, and I believe it was this that led our session to become so close in such a short time. I can say without exaggeration that this week was life-changing for me. I only wish that it could have been longer and that many more people will hear about this beautiful and incredible experience. - Emily W., NJ - Summer 2014


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