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At this time we are accepting male rising juniors as well as seniors for Session 6 in the 2018 Experience Christendom Summer Program.

As availability for sessions becomes limited, we will post below. Last updated on 7/11/18.

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Session 6: July 22-28. Young Ladies: No spots remaining, Young Men: limited spots available

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*During the summer program, our kitchen staff is able to accommodate most common food allergies including gluten, dairy, shellfish, and peanuts, but, depending on the severity of an allergy, we may not be able to accommodate a student at the program.

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*Due to the strenuous nature of this program, students with epilepsy or a history of seizures will not be able to attend.

How did you hear about this program?

Please write a statement (at least 200 words) describing yourself: hobbies, extra-curricular activities, interests, family life, sports, etc.. Also explain what you hope to gain from the Summer Program. This information will be very useful in helping to determine roommates!

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Important: To ensure your spot, please pay at the same time as you register. Otherwise, your spot is NOT guaranteed.

Program cost: $500

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Once you apply and pay, you will receive more information about the program, including an “Items to Bring” sheet, dress code and rules policies, a health form, and other such items. Clare McDermott is your main point of contact - or 1-800-877-5456 ext 1292.

For those requesting financial assistance or using a promo code, you will receive an email from Miss McDermott with payment directions — please submit payment ASAP, otherwise your spot is not guaranteed.


Once you hit submit, you will receive an email from ECSP coordinator Clare McDermott. If planning to fly to Christendom, please wait for travel instructions from Miss McDermott before purchasing plane tickets because the college cannot accommodate students who arrive earlier (prior to Sunday) or leave later (after Saturday) than the program’s official start and end dates. Thank you!


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