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Experience Christendom Summer Program – For Parents of Those Who Attended Summer 2016

This page is specifically for parents of students who attended the 2016 Experience Christendom Summer Program. Hopefully by now, your children have told you many a tale about their time spent on our scenic campus in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This page is meant to give you some of the same insights that your children received in the hopes of giving you more information about Christendom so that your family can make a well-informed decision when it comes time to choosing a college. Please note: You will find links to the photo albums from each of the 6 one-week sessions at the bottom of this page.

During the week long program, students are given 5 presentations by members of the Admissions Team:

  • Why Liberal Arts?
  • What Alumni from Christendom do with their Liberal Arts Degrees
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities at Christendom
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • The Admissions Timeline and Process

Below, are links to PDF versions of the powerpoint presentations that were given, along with a 5-point summary of each presentations. If, after reading the presentations, you have any questions about any of it, please contact Director of Admissions Sam Phillips directly at sam.phillips@christendom.edu. He is happy to be of service.

Liberal Arts Academic Program Presentation Summary

PowerPoint Presentation

(Please view the entire presentation – which is in PDF format above – for specific details.):

  1. Studying the liberal arts is very valuable – in spite of what many might tell you. Do the research, find out the truth about the liberal arts and why the skills gained through studying the liberal arts catapults people ahead of their peers.
  2. Christendom’s education is the same education received by the scientists, scholars, heroes, and saints that have marked the 2000-year history of Christendom.
    • Provides Well-Rounded education – rigorous, time-tested.
    • Enables graduates to be Conceptualizers – see the big picture – and to be innovative.
  3. Christendom’s faculty have impressive resumes and degrees, and the amount of personal attention that they show to the students is quite impressive, and unique.
  4. The core curriculum, which lasts 2 ½ years, is what enables Christendom grads to excel – the extensive and broad education expands their minds in a powerful way, giving them the edge when it comes time for graduate school or employment.
  5. Everything is taught from a Catholic perspective, from Catholic professors, in a fully Catholic environment – thus making a Christendom education, truly, a Catholic education.

Alumni & Careers Presentation Summary

PowerPoint Presentation(Please view the entire presentation – which is in PDF format above – for specific details):

  1. Christendom College Alumni Get Jobs in Every Field Possible, from business to engineering, education to law, public policy to healthcare – nothing gets in their way.
  2. Many of today’s top CEOs or Founders of top companies have liberal arts degrees
    • Delta, Paypal, Sherwin Williams, Starbucks, CNN, Youtube, Disney, Xerox, etc.
  3. Most people (73%) don’t work in the field in which they majored, so no need to pick a college based on a major that you think is going to enable you to work in that field – probably won’t happen.
    • 93% of employers agree that “a candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major
  4. Christendom does a lot to help students with their career choices and connects students to alumni network
  5. When choosing a college, it’s important to focus on your end goals – happiness, success, heaven
    • Christendom alumni find jobs easily and are accepted to top grad schools
    • Christendom’s education helps you stay Catholic, gain wisdom, get good friends, find vocation, get a broadened worldview, and get a good job – and hopefully help you get to Heaven

Extra-Curricular Activities Presentation Summary

Extra-Curricular Activities (Please view the entire presentation – which is in PDF format above – for specific details):

  1. Christendom’s manageable size enables students to take part in many more activities than they would be able to at a larger university. At Christendom, students do not just watch or attend activities, they lead them and get involved in them.
  2. Christendom has a very accessible athletic program for many students – high level of competition, yet focus in on being a student first, athlete second. Students can even play two varsity sports, without sacrificing the full college experience.
  3. The college has a wide variety of opportunities in the arts, from theatrical performances, to musical and dance shows. Students provide the entertainment on campus, and can gain great experience in the arts while at Christendom.
  4. There are many clubs and student activities for students to lead or participate in, everything from swing dance to pro-life, chess to Irish dance, debate to journalism, art to yearbook. Students can gain real-life leadership experiences, which will help when it comes time to write a resume.
  5. Students of all majors may take part in, and lead, all activities, and excel. This is one of the most unique aspects of the Christendom College experience.

Study Abroad Presentation Summary

PowerPoint Presentation (Please view the entire presentation – which is in PDF format above– for specific details):

  1. Christendom offers its students the opportunities to study abroad in Rome and Ireland, and to take part in mission trips to foreign lands.
  2. The semester in Rome occurs during Junior year, and students live right in the heart of Rome.
  3. Students can go to Ireland for a three-week program, living in Donegal, experiencing the best of the land of saints and scholars.
  4. During spring break, many students offer up their valuable vacation time to go on a mission trip to places such as Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.
  5. All of these opportunities help give students a broadened worldview, with a Catholic perspective, and helps them better understand that the Catholic Church is indeed Universal.

Admissions Process Presentation Summary

PowerPoint Presentation(Please view the entire presentation – which is in PDF format above – for specific details):

  1. We are a very customer-friendly office, dedicated to responding to your questions and comments in a very timely fashion – never hesitate to contact us about anything related to applying or attending Christendom College, or even if you have questions about other colleges and how they compare to Christendom.
  2. The application timeline for the Fall 2017 begins in Fall and ends on May 1
    • Admissions Director Sam Phillips is your main contact regarding applications
  3. Admissions Requirements to be Accepted to Christendom College
    • Standardized test scores, transcripts, letter of recommendation, and essay
  4. What is the Admissions Committee Looking For in the Candidates?
    • Are they striving for excellence to achieve success and will they dare to be great – not settle for mediocrity?
  5. Making a Christendom Education Affordable
    • We have many offerings to meet the financial needs of our students (many of whom who come from large families, with one income)

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