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Christendom College and 529 Plans

Christendom College is eligible to take 529 Plans.  But parents may encounter some difficulties with their  529 Plan provider when they seek to use their 529 Plan account to pay tuition at Christendom College.


Christendom College does not “participate” in Federal student financial aid programs for its students.  This means the College does not appear on the typical lists that 529 Plan providers consult to determine the eligibility of a school for its 529 Plan.  It is possible that 529 Plan providers may tell you that Christendom is not an eligible school.  This is not true!

The Federal legislation setting up 529 Plans specifically stated that an institution of higher education has only to be “eligible” for Federal Student Financial Assistance.  Christendom College is eligible for Federal student financial assistance, but has chosen not to participate in Federal financial assistance programs.  This was a prudential decision made by the College.

Nevertheless, most published Lists containing so-called “eligible” Colleges for 529 Plans are in fact listing only schools who “participate” in Federal programs.  While the College is “eligible,” it does not “participate” in Federal programs and thus ends up not being listed.  Most 529 Plan providers are not aware of this distinction.

We’re here to help.

We can help you properly inform the 529 Plan provider about Christendom’s “eligibility.”  If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Ms. Alisa Polk
800-877-5456 ext. 1214