High School Courses


The following are high school courses recommended (not required. Christendom does not require that any of these courses or classes be completed prior to applying or attending the College) for those students preparing for the Christendom College Liberal Arts Curriculum:

  • English/Literature (4 years)
    • Grammar and Composition*
    • World Literature*
    • American Literature
    • British Literature

  • History and related studies (3 years)
    • World History*
    • American History and Government*
    • Geography

  • Language (2 years of same language)
    • Classical or Modern Language

  • Mathematics (2 years)
    • Algebra I* and II
    • Geometry*
    • Trigonometry
    • Pre-calculus/Calculus

  • Science (2 years)
    • Biology*
    • Chemistry
    • Physics

*Christendom recommends a combined minimum of 5 years in math and science, with a minimum of two years in each.