Academic Requirements


Admission will be determined by a variety of indicators including, but not limited to

  • High school grades as documented on a transcript
  • College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores.
    • Christendom generally looks for a combined SAT (superscored) total of 1500 or higher and an ACT (superscored) total of 21 or higher.
    • Students with scores below these should still apply and can still have hope of attendance.
  • Application Essay
  • Academic letter of recommendation
    • Only one is required, but more academic letters and addtional writing samples may be required for those with SAt/ACT scores below the norm.

    Students may also send in a listing of books they've read in high school, copies of graded papers that they have written over junior or senior year, and other evidence of academic success.

The examination code numbers for Christendom College are 5691 for the SAT, and 4339 for the ACT