Transfer Students


Students who have attended other colleges and universities must submit those credentials that are required of all applicants. In addition, they must have official transcripts sent from each college and university attended. Upon request, a prospective student's college transcript will be evaluated for credits transferable to Christendom College. The College will inform all transfer students upon acceptance, or no later than Registration Day, of the amount of credit that will transfer.

Application for acceptance of credits earned from other institutions prior to matriculation at Christendom College must be made at the time of application for admission. Such credits will not be accepted retroactively at a later date.

The College's transfer credit policy is as follows:

  1. Accredited college-level courses in the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, social or behavioral sciences, and theology may be eligible for transfer credit. However, normally distance learning courses are not accepted, because of the educational value the College places on regular, face-to-face interaction in a classroom. In very unusual circumstances an exception might be made, when both the quality of the on-line course and the hardship for the student of fulfilling the Christendom College degree requirement in a traditional classroom setting are extraordinary. The decision of the Academic Dean is final.
  2. Christendom accepts in transfer only those credits carrying grades of “C” (2.0) or above.
  3. The College will count any non-repetitive liberal arts credits in the above categories toward the total number of credits required for either the A.A. or the B.A. degrees. Note that non-liberal arts courses are hereby excluded, e.g., mechanical arts, fine arts, vocational training and specifically pre-professional programs in such fields as business, agriculture, health services, etc.
  4. The College will count against its core requirements only those credits in the above categories which match the said requirements in content and, at the discretion of the Academic Dean, for compatibility with the College’s mission. Students must be prepared to give clear accounts of the content of any courses they wish to present in transfer to the College. Students should be aware that courses they have taken which match Christendom courses in terms of subjects covered may in some cases be disallowed in transfer because the point of view was so different as to fail to accomplish some of the important purposes, relative to the College’s Mission, of the corresponding Christendom course.
  5. Transfer of credits toward a major at the College is determined by the appropriate department chairman on the recommendation of the Academic Dean, who may routinely act within limits which the respective chairmen have set for their departments. No more than nine (9) credits will be accepted in transfer toward a major at the College.
  6. A maximum of ninety (90) semester hours may be accepted in transfer towards fulfillment of degree requirements at Christendom College.
  7. Credits earned more than ten (10) years before matriculation at Christendom College will not be accepted. Academic credit is not granted for life experience.
  8. In all questions about the acceptance of transfer credit, the decision of the Academic Dean is final.