Doing Everything to Make Christendom Affordable for You.

For students interested in attending Christendom College in the fall of 2015 - Don't miss out on this unique financial opportunity!

Christendom College would like to match the scholarshipChristendom College offers that you have received from other colleges and universities. We do not want money to stand in the way of you and the best liberal arts education in the nation, so why settle for anything less?

So, you received a $20,000 leadership scholarship from College A or a $15,000 merit scholarship from College B. Congratulations! But if you would really prefer to attend Christendom and take advantage of our unique personalized educational experience, then the Scholarship Matching Program is just for you. Through our one-of-a-kind program, the scholarship committee will review scholarship offers from other undergraduate programs upon request, and make a Christendom education affordable.

The committee will consider the out-of-pocket tuition and fees expense a student will incur after taking the respective scholarship offer(s) into consideration, and overall competitiveness of the admitted student. The scholarship committee reserves the right to decline to increase our previous scholarship offer.

The scholarship committee will consider one matching scholarship request per admitted student. However, an admitted student may submit multiple offers at one time. Once the committee has made a decision, students will be notified in writing.

Because many colleges have different tuition rates and price structures, Christendom will focus on the percentage to tution ratio when matching scholarships. For example, if someone received a $20,000 scholarship, and the tuition for that school is $56,000, Christendom would match it by giving a $8,283 scholarship against its $23,200 tuition (35.7% scholarship).

In short, we do not want anyone to be turned off to applying to Christendom because they received a seemingly big scholarship from someplace else. If someone wants to attend Christendom, we want them to attend Christendom, and we will do our very best to make it affordable for them, and matching scholarships is just one of the ways we can do this.

How it all works:

  1. Apply to Christendom College on or before March 1
  2. Wait for Acceptance Letter
  3. Present your scholarships from other colleges by May 1
  4. Our Scholarship Committee will review and send a response
  5. Be happy, smile, and send in your $500 deposit to accept our offer!
  6. Attend Christendom for 4 years and live happily ever after:)

Please note: students receiving a matching scholarship offer from Christendom are still encouraged to apply for financial aid from the College by filling in our Financial Aid Form (not the FAFSA).

Matching requests may be submitted by mail, e-mail or fax to:

Christendom College
Scholarship Matching Committee
134 Christendom Dr.
Front Royal VA 22630


Fax: 540.636.1655

Requests should be submitted or postmarked no later than May 1. The number of awards granted through this program will be limited by the amount of available funds. Christendom's scholarship matching committee must see the other college's scholarship offer in writing in order to match it.