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The hallmark of a liberal arts education is that it prepares you for lifelong learning. While technical skills may become obsoleteover time, skills gained through a liberal arts education will not. Almost every profession requires you to communicate, write, solveproblems, adapt to new situations, analyze information, and interactwith a wide variety of people. These are skills gleaned through yourliberal arts education and are of great value to any employer.

In years past, students chose a college based on the availability of many specialized degree programs, believing that majoring in a specialized field would offer better career opportunities later on in life. But in recent years, studies have shown that it is more important for students to be broadly educated, rather than simply trained. These studies have found that, when oneis too narrowly educated, it is more difficult to adapt successfully to today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world.

But a degree in liberal arts is different. A liberal arts education not only educates you, but it also prepares you for a broad range of careers. It opens the doors to graduate programs at themasters and doctoral levels, and to professional degree programs such as education, medicine, and law. Christendom graduates have continued their studies at such prestigious schools asNotre Dame Law School, Harvard, University of Virginia, Fordham, William and Mary, The Catholic University of America, The Angelicum, and Oxford University.

But the more important benefits of a liberal arts education go far beyond the achievement ofcareer goals. A liberal arts degree from Christendom is a philosophy of education. It helps students, both in their core curriculum courses and in their major fields of study, analyze important contemporary issues. It provides students with a framework for values and ethics, an appreciation of culture, and a sense of civic and religious responsibility.

This site is designed to help assist students in forming a bridge from dreams and ideals to a career. If you have any questions please contact the Career Development Office, career@christendom.edu.