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Welcome to your future - it is bright and full of hope!

Career development and discernment is a journey. Something to be taken seriously. Wherever you are in the process — whether you are just beginning or re-grouping — we offer personalized assistance to help you plan and achieve career and vocational success.

The Career & Leadership Development Office provides students and alumni with the tools to:

  • Explore and choose academic majors and career options that fit your personality and abilities
  • Obtain career-related experiences such as internships, employment, and volunteer opportunities
  • Pursue post-graduation career plans, including full-time employment and graduate school


Our Mission

  • To assist students in maximizing their Liberal Arts curriculum by recognizing and applying their leadership capabilities during their time at Christendom to prepare them for life after graduation.
  • Providing a personalized investment in each student which assists them by giving them practical tools to succeed now and in the future. These skills including dynamic resume writing, interview preparation, building a personalized career plan, and how to network successfully in an increasingly globalized economy.
  • Ensuring that students can confidently take the next step after graduation by personally assisting their search for internships, graduate school programs, and careers through  establishing, working with and leveraging relationships with local industries, alumni connections, and other organizations.

    Now, what can we do for YOU today?

On this site, you will find information for current students, alumni, parents, and employers. Simply click the appropriate link on the left.  Be sure to check back often for updates on resources and links on career and leadership development

Meet Greg Monroe - The Career & Leadership Development Director


Greg Monroe is a 2008 graduate of Christendom College, earning his BA in Political Science and Economics. Since then, he has been pursuing graduate studies in education, higher education administration, and now, a Ph.D. in Catholic Educational Leadership.

As a student at Christendom, Greg was very involved in all aspects of student life. He was a member of the varsity basketball team and a leading actor for the Christendom Players, among other things.

He is an accomplished dancer and choreographer, singer and guitarist. He is an Eagle Scout and a recipient of the Teacher of Promise Award. He has worked for the NFL at the Superbowl; been a ranch hand on a farm in Colorado; served as youth minister for a Catholic parish; taught in a Catholic high school; formed a dance instruction and wedding DJ company; and worked as webmaster and software programmer.

Greg is a multi-talented man, with a unique diverse background which enables him to connect one-on-one with each student. He is here for the students and alumni of Christendom College - to help them achieve their goals and to dream big!

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What do Christendom Alumni do Post-Graduation?

The short answer is - anything they want. The long answer is that our alumni are very sought after for positions of leadership and management due to their broad education, leadership skills, and impressive communication abilities. They outperform their peers in graduate schools, as well. Take a look for yourself:

Let us help you become the next great Christendom success story!