Life on Tap: Accounting & Finance | March 3 | Christendom College

Career Development

Life on Tap: Accounting & Finance | March 3

kaySean Kay (’97) — Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Sean Kay (’97) is a partner at Pricewaterhousecoopers. He encouraged students to appreciate their Christendom education, giving three important points in the process. “First, it is very important that you identify your career path, and spell out concrete objectives for the short, intermediate, and long term. This way, you will be less likely to waste time with unnecessary objectives. Second, you need practice. There is not a single board meeting or presentation that I have not practiced. For you, this means building your resume, conducting mock interviews, and having dialogues with people in the industry; you have many people to facilitate in this, including many alumni who will be happy to help. Make the most of the opportunities the career office and the college provide. Third, you should have hunger. You need to have the desire work hard, even if you don’t know necessarily know where to turn.”

micheleMichele Velasco (’91) — Vice President for Finance, Sirius XM Radio

Michele Velasco (’91) is the Vice President for Finance of Sirius XM radio. She encouraged students to work hard and realize that, sometimes, they must start at the bottom in order to make it to the top. “I started as an intern and worked my way up from the very bottom. Over the years, I assumed more and more responsibilities because I was willing to take them on. You have the skills you need: don’t be afraid to take it on, and move forward.” Through networking, she made the transition to consulting, which moved her resume to a Fortune 500 company. She advised students to “get in there and talk to people”, when these opportunities arise. Velasco realized the importance of her Christendom education in her job as manager of a computer network: “I didn’t think I could go into finance. I had a lot of confidence in my writing, and I expected to make a career out of it. But when I applied for a consulting position, they asked for a writing sample. They couldn’t find any errors, so they decided to hire me.” She also advised students to ask questions and develop their own opinions and positions, closing by stating, “Direct your passion into your work, don’t simply go through the motions. If you do this, results will follow.”




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