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Life on Tap: Architecture & Construction | September 1

oreillyFrank O’Reilly (’87) – CEO and Founder, Petrine Construction
Frank O’Reilly (’83) is the founder and CEO of Petrine Construction responsible for designing and constructing many of the buildings that adorn Christendom’s Front Royal, Va. campus. He encouraged Christendom students to focus on the discernment process of a major and how it plays into a future career, stressing the value of a Christendom education in a world that lacks an understanding of philosophical and theological concepts and their importance. “The skills of learning to think and communicate well that I gained at Christendom became invaluable in my pursuit of a career that supported my vocation as a husband and father. Pursue what you have a passion for. It’s better to commit to something and stick with it rather than chase after passing interests. This requires a self-knowledge and understanding of personal priorities,” said O’Reilly.

Dean Reineking (’09) — Architect, David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc.

Dean Reineking (’09) is an architect for David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc, one of the largest and most-recognized architecture companies in the United States. Reineking informed students that they cannot discern their vocation by “waiting for it to come to you,” encouraging them to network and make connections now, while they’re at school. Reineking further stressed this point, saying that one of the most important pieces of advice he received during his years as an undergraduate was to get his face out there and connect with potential future employers. By doing this, he was able to have several job offers almost immediately upon graduating with his Master’s degree, whereas many of his fellow graduates were left jobless during the large economic recession. Christendom supplies students with skills that future employers are searching for: oral and written communication and a literate cultured background. An interviewee who is able to make easy conversation is someone who sticks out and is memorable to the interviewers,” Reining advised.




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