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Life on Tap: Business Management | January 27

haliskyTim Halisky (’01) — President of RLA Mid-Atlantic
Tim Halisky is the President of RLA Mid-Atlantic and a Christendom alumnus (‘01). Halisky, involved in the start-up of three multi-million dollar companies, stressed the importance of networking, saying most employers will hire those they know. He also stated how essential leaving a good impression on the interviewers is: they look for self-motivated people with positive attitudes. “Christendom students are able to distinguish themselves in the job market because they have a ‘special skill’: the ability to think,” said Halisky. “Because Christendom students are taught to think and to question, rather than just to specialize in a certain field, they have the invaluable ability to adapt to circumstances with which they are unfamiliar. Christendom has given you a special value that will allow you to excel. I urge you—become leaders when given the opportunity.” Halisky also recommended a book for further reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

mezaJake Meza (’05) — Director of Urgent Care and Occupational Health, Valley Health Hospital System
Jake Meza (’05), is the director of the Urgent Care and Occupational Health at Valley Health Hospital System. Meza reemphasized many of Halisky’s points but also stressed how important it is to differentiate oneself in an interview. Meza spoke of how in his interview for Valley Health, he stuck to his convictions and told the interviewer that the most important thing for him was to be home for his family every night, and impressed the interviewer with his honesty and conviction. He did offer a word of caution, however: “That being said, don’t expect to have a high-paying job right away. You need to be patient, persevering, and open to learning—all things you learn while you’re here at Christendom,” Meza concluded. “Be principled, and trust that the rest will follow.”


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