Life on Tap: Dr. James Sheehan | October 12 | Christendom College

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Life on Tap: Dr. James Sheehan | October 12

Dr. James Sheehan – Inventor, Artificial Knee Replacement System

Dr. James Sheehan, inventor of the artificial knee replacement system, visited Christendom’s campus on October 12 for the college’s popular “Life on Tap” networking series, giving a talk on how to reinvent the healthcare system and be a true leader in today’s society. Sheehan, one of the world’s leading health entrepreneurs, drew over a hundred students, faculty, and staff to his talk, as he encouraged those present to keep their lives centered on Christ in whatever vocation they choose.

“As human beings, we are given two attributes that you really can’t forget. The first is the ability to choose. We all have the ability to choose, and you can choose to do nothing or you can choose to do something wonderful. If you are working with the Lord, then that life will evolve for you, and doors will open. Don’t ignore them when they do open. The second is the ability to dream. We all get these dreams, and sometimes we’re being told by the Lord to do something great. Don’t ignore your dreams, and be truly authentic in your lives,” said Sheehan.




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