Life on Tap: Federal Government & Civilian Military | February 16 | Christendom College

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Life on Tap: Federal Government & Civilian Military | February 16

Joseph McFadden (’03) — IT, Environmental Protection Agency

Joseph McFadden, who has an English degree, works in IT as a Federal Government employee for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — not the normal work environment for a self-described conservative. After four and a half years employed with the Federal Government, McFadden finds his work challenging, but rewarding. He noted that having a job inside the Federal Government requires accountability and motivation, and with a little investigation and by asking the right questions, it is possible to help save taxpayers’ dollars from being spent needlessly. “I helped find $150,000 wasted by the federal government,” he said. Because of his liberal arts education, McFadden believes that he is able to impact government wide policies, simply because he knows how to think and analyze different situations. “Applying for jobs is like fishing. You have to cast out your line. I cast my line for fifteen jobs, and was offered two positions because of experience. I built my resume out of college from internships,” he said.

Alyssa Lombardi (’03) — Program Analyst, US Coast Guard

Alyssa Lombardi, an ’03 Christendom graduate, works as a Program Analyst for the United States Coast Guard. She informed students of the rigors of the application process for different programs, giving advice on how to get their resumes into the right hands. “Everyone has a story in how they started,” she said. “I was a history major that became a teacher at a Catholic school. After six years, I wanted something different, so I applied to an internship with the Coast Guard as an administrative assistant.” As a Christendom graduate, Lombardi expressed the need for applicants to read, write, and speak well. She told students that thoroughness is necessary in the application process. “Go to the federal website and look for opportunities as a summer intern. It might seem like a foreign language when applying to jobs for which you are qualified. There is a right and a wrong way to apply. It can be overwhelming,” she concluded.


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