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Life on Tap: Non-Profit Business Management | April 14

Mark Rohlena (’00) — Director of Domestic Social Development, United States Council of Catholic Bishops

Mark Rohlena (’00) is the Director of Domestic Social Development at the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. He began his career working at a law firm in Denver, but eventually discerned a vocation to working in the non-profit world. He encouraged Christendom students by saying that “there is a great need for people with your kind of formation in this field, so if you are open to it, I encourage you to explore the call.” He spoke of the importance of keeping an open mind about their career fields, saying, “You should be open to opportunities that will be valuable, even if it is not related to the career you are looking for . . . Do not be afraid to put off monetary considerations for other things; the Lord provides. And do not lose the joy you experience at Christendom: it gives a witness to Christ which people will be attracted to.”

Ken Ferguson — Chief Financial Officer, Christendom College

Christendom College’s Chief Financial Officer Ken Ferguson also encouraged students to consider working in the non-profit world: “You should understand that people working for non-profit organizations are paid professionals . . . People will hire you because they believe you will add more value to their organization than they can possibly pay for.” Ferguson worked in Hollywood before coming to Christendom, and experienced a conversion there which led him to become CEO of a dying film company. Eventually, he came to Washington D.C., where he helped save National Geographic Television and Film as their CFO and COO.  He concluded by clarifying misconceptions about non and for-profit businesses, saying, “There really is no difference between the two except for the fact that a non-profit business has any profit it makes go toward its mission.  Do not necessarily plan on entering a non-profit organization, but instead figure out your own vocation, what you like to do, and have faith that God will open the doors that should open.”




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