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Life on Tap: Web Development/IT | February 10

hadroBryan Hadro (’04) — Senior Web Developer, US News & World Report

Bryan Hadro (’04) is the senior web developer at US News & World Report. Hadro began his career working for ESPN without any degree or really much experience in programming or web design. He was able to learn his skills on the job, and encouraged students to do the same and give web design a try to see how they liked it. He reassured seniors that a liberal arts degree can lead to success in a web development career: “When people interviewed me, they never paid attention to what my degree was; they didn’t care that I was a philosophy major,” Hadro said. “What they are looking for is knowledge: if you can demonstrate your work and your knowledge of the field, you will be able to get the job; but if you are rusty or ignorant in certain areas, they will able to tell right away.” Bryan appreciated the valuable nature of Christendom, saying that he felt the opportunities to speak with the professors about anything, not just course material, to be particularly helpful. He pointed out the importance of being a Catholic with grounded convictions, saying, “Web development is a very rewarding field, but you have to be willing to adapt to changing circumstances, and be a good Catholic representative in a field where people live lifestyles incongruous with your own.”

brandonBrandon Vaughn (’05) — Co-founder, Nvite

Brandon Vaughn (’05) is the co-founder of, an attendee-focused event registration and ticketing platform. Like Hadro, Vaughn does not have a specialized degree in programming, and still found jobs at Nclud and Trinity Consulting. Vaughn surprised his company by executing a superior quality design than their current web designer and the company recognized him for this, giving him the tools he needed to learn web design. Vaughn encouraged students to give the field of design a shot, for it may spark an unknown interest. Vaughn pointed out the unique factor that Christendom, in its tight-knit community, allows students to make connections with people in a real sense, and told students to “leverage this ability” in networking. He stressed the importance of the moral foundation of Christendom, saying “the world today is being shaken constantly . . . Christendom will make you into a solid rock in the middle of this chaos, even when your life turns upside down. Be excited about your future, and jump right into something you’re interested in. And don’t be afraid. Take leaps of faith, and trust that things will work because God likes that sort of thing.”




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