Student Profile

Sarah Jamieson

Age: 20
Year: Junior
From: Middletown, VA
Major: History
Hobbies? Reading, playing piano, knitting, spending time with family or friends.
What's your favorite class? It would be a tie between any history class with Dr. Adam Schwartz or Metaphysics with Prof. Mike Brown. They are both amazing professors who love what they teach.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? Shield of Roses and being a student ambassador.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The wonderful friends I've made and also the Rome program.
Why did you choose Christendom? I wanted to go to a school where I could grow in faith and hopefully become a well-rounded, capable individual, before entering the workforce.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? Nothing really surprised me much. It's a fairly normal place. :)
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Do come for a visit if you're thinking about coming—it will give you better perspective.

Student Life

An Evening in the 1920's

Last Monday evening, the Student Activities Council kicked off the new semester with a special 1920’s themed Pub Night in St. Kilian’s Café. Students dressed up in their best 20’s attire, which included a lot of pearls, fur, feathers, and mustaches, and spent an entire evening catching up with friends after the long Christmas break. The jazz music had many people dancing, and the overall atmosphere made it easy to believe that one was, indeed, in the midst of the “Roaring Twenties.”

“With all the dancing and 20’s costumes, I really felt like I was at Jay Gatsby’s house at one of his extravagant parties,” says sophomore Melissa Lucas. “I thought it was a very fun theme for a pub night, and it was an awesome way to start the spring semester.”

Enjoying the "Roaring Twenties!"

Dancing to the Jazz in 20's fashion!

Freshman John Paul Heisler serves sophomore Brigid Coyne some fancy hors d'oeuvres

Senior ladies get into the 20's spirit behind the bar.

Literary-throwback-fun in the style of Woodhouse and Fitzgerald.

March for Life

Around 100 Christendom students braved the freezing weather and harsh travelling conditions to attend the 41st annual March for Life in Washington, D. C., last Wednesday. The entire Christendom community usually attends the March every year, but after the bus company cancelled transportation due to hazardous road conditions, everyone was left to find their own modes of transportation to our nation’s capital. Many students and faculty members were still able to drive personal vehicles to the March for Life, while the majority of the Christendom community spent a fruitful day of prayer for the unborn in the Christ the King Chapel on campus. A group of Christendom students brought the Christendom pro-life banner to the March for Life, and everyone who was able to attend the March rallied around this banner in prayerful protest against abortion with thousands of other pro-life Americans.

“It was astounding to see the mass amount of people who showed up at the March despite the inclement weather,” says senior Matthew Marcolini. “It was a true testament to our generation’s commitment to being the pro-life generation.”

Christendom students braved the cold to march for life in our nation's capital.

Representing Christendom College among the thousands present at the March

March for Life 2014


Praying for Life

After Mass on the morning of the March for Life, students participated in all-day adoration, which included the praying of the Rosary and Benediction. Throughout the day students stopped at various times to kneel before the Lord, praying for those who were marching, and that human life would once again be treated as sacred. It was a beautiful way to join their intentions with the witness of those marching.

Students receive communion at Mass on the morning of the March.

The chapel was full of students participating in the Mass, which was offered for an end to abortion.

Fr. Planty incenses Our Eucharistic Lord.

Students prayed together all day that the sanctity of human life would be upheld in America.


Nutella Night

Regina Coeli hall was full of light, laughter and good food on Friday evening when the returning juniors from Rome hosted Nutella Night. This fun event has become a traditional beginning-of-the-semester social to help the freshmen and the returning Romers get to know each other. Freshmen and juniors mingled, swapped stories from the fall semester, and enjoyed a bountiful spread of food, which included plenty of Nutella. A couple juniors even re-created special frozen coffee treats called "granita di café con panna" that had been a big favorite in Rome. They were a hit at Nutella Night as well.

Freshman Josie Ostrowski had a great time at Nutella Night.

“It was great fun to be introduced to the juniors, first personally, and then through their nicknames, when we learned a little bit more about them,” she said. “You could feel how they wanted to get to know the freshman class by the way they welcomed you.”

Later in the evening, freshmen participated in a scavenger hunt to learn more about the juniors’ European adventures. The juniors also got up and explained the many funny stories behind the nicknames on their Rome t-shirts. Freshmen were able to enjoy a slide show that gave them a little taste of what life in Rome was like for the Fall Romers.

Junior Clare Duda runs the food table while freshmen Magdalena Cuddeback and Lindsay Harman enjoy the Nutella.

Junior Andre Moreau helps some freshmen with the scavenger hunt.

Freshman Lauren Gall chats with junior Rosie Herlihy.

Junior Leif Pilegaard speaks about the wonders of Rome.


Welcome the 80's!

On Saturday night students donned oversized sweaters and loaded up on hairspray for the first dance of the Spring Semester, which was a throwback to the 80's. Dancing to the sounds ofbands like U2 and The Police, thestudents enjoyed reuniting on the dance floor while comparing funky costumes and class schedules. St. Lawrence Commons was decorated with streamers and balloons while students walked around in glow necklaces and legwarmers. Many were pleasantly surprised by the flashback theme for the first dance of the semester.

"The 80's theme was a lot of fun," freshman Lindsay Harman shared. "It was awesome being able to be back at Christendom, dancing with my friends again!"

Complete with a costume contest and an 80's style airband performance of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful," the dance was a lot of fun for all who went, and a great way to start off the new semester with laughter and energy.

Freshman show off their glowing accessories.

The Commons was full of colors, from both the decorations and the students.

Senior Zach Smith announces the rules for the costume contest.

Attendants gather round for the airband performance by some of the Resident Assistants.

Freshmen Paul Flagg, Mike McMahon, and Andrew Ford pose for a picture.


Crusader Sports Center

Lady 'Saders Turn it Around for a Memorable Soccer Season

Last fall marked a great season for Christendom athletics. One of the more impressive stories from last season was that of the Lady Crusaders soccer team. Under the direction of second year Head Coach (Philosophy Professor) Mark Wunsch, the Lady Crusaders pulled off a sensational turnaround season. With only seven players returning from the previous season, the team added fifteen new players to the team nine of whom were freshmen (including goalkeeper Anna Forst who played the entire season with a torn ACL which was diagnosed after the season). With such a new team, it took a few games for the ladies to find their groove. 

They opened the season with a 0-0 draw in a hard fought match against NCAA Division III, Gallaudet University. Despite putting up a strong fight in each game, the ladies went on to lose their next five games, two of which went into overtime due in large part to the "never quit" attitude of the team. With such a start, it would have been very easy for the team to give up or just get by for the rest of the season. In fact the world of sports is full of stories like this: where a tough start ruins the entire season—especially having such close games and not being able to pull out a victory. This was not one of those stories!

Instead, under Coach Wunsch and led by veteran seniors Morgan Kavanagh, Klarissa Blank, and Melanie Clark, they persevered and worked even harder to improve as a team.  All their hard work paid off, as the ladies did not lose a single game afterwards.  With six games left in the season, the Lady Crusaders won each game including an impressive 6-0 domination of NCAA Division III Trinity University. The crowning game of the season was a decisive 3-0 win over NCAA opponent and USCAA rival Washington Adventist University.

“To have the start we had and then to turn it around and finish the way we did on a 6 game winning streak is nothing short of remarkable,” Coach Wunsch said.

In their final six games they would outscore their opponents by an astonishing 26-2. The “Lady 'Saders” demonstrated a high level of determination and perseverance to pull off one of—if not the biggest—in-season turnaround in Crusader history. As a result, the ladies ended their season with an impressive five game winning streak and a record of 6-5-1. Senior Morgan Kavanagh finished the season with 15 goals ranking her in the top ten goal scorers in the USCAA and received USCAA All American Honorable Mention. Also, freshman goalkeeper, Anna Forst posted 4 shutouts for the season despite a torn ACL.

Post-game huddle at sunset.

Lady Crusader Soccer 2013.


Special Report

Get to Know: Prof. Carol Balint

Where did you receive your education?
I received my undergraduate degree from Christendom (French). I am working on getting my master's degree from George Mason University in French and possibly Spanish, as they have them either individual or combined. 

When did you join the faculty at Christendom and how does teaching at here compare to your expectations?
I joined in the Fall of 2013 and teaching at Christendom is better than my expectations.  I enjoy every moment.

What is your favorite aspect of Christendom College thus far?
The staff and students are wonderful.  The light of Christ shines through them in a special way.

What classes are you currently teaching, and are there any classes in particular you would like to teach in the future?
I am teaching French 101 and 102. I hope to be able to continue teaching upper-dvision French at Christendom.  I would also like to teach Spanish.

Why, in your opinion, do you believe that French is important in a liberal arts curriculum, and at Christendom College in particular?  
French history and culture are rooted in the Catholic faith. Also, there are books studied in a liberal arts education, which were originally written in French—and a knowledge of the language can give you greater insight into these works.

Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities?
I enjoy cooking, baking, being with friends and family,  going on hikes, bike riding, speaking French, Spanish, and a little Italian, reading French novels and watching wholesome films.


Tom McFaddenAsk the Director

Q. How much does Christendom cost and do you give out academic scholarships?

A. We just recently published our 2014-15 costs, and determined our scholarship amounts for next year, so I am glad you asked about them.

Our tuition, room/board, and fees will be $32,600 for the 2014-15 academic year. "Wow, that seems like a lot of money," you might say, and I'd have to agree with you – it does seem like a lot. But, the truth is that many people, around 75% of our students, get financial assistance from Christendom to go here, and that reduces the amount of money they have to pay by quite a bit. We have loans, grants, scholarships, and fellowships – all of which are funded by our most generous donors, and not Uncle Obama. We remain committed to our stance to not accept any federal funds or to get involved in the federal student loan program. But again, we have plenty of money to give out, so don't worry!

We do give out academic scholarships, and for the first time ever, we are giving a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to this year's National Merit Scholarship Finalists. Additionally, I want to remind you that, if you have an SAT of 2060 or higher or ACT score of 31 or higher, you are eligible to compete for the two full-tuition scholarships that we are giving away this year. So, far we have about 20 competitors for the March 7, 2014, contest. The odds of winning are pretty decent! If you are interested, please apply by February 7 at the latest. Click here for the page with more info.

And here is our Academic Scholarship Table for the upcoming year.


SAT Score ACT Score 1- year Scholarship 4-year Amount
1920-2059 29-31 $6,240 $24,960
2060-2299 32-34 $8,740 $34,960
2300-2400 35-36 $11,130 $44,520

Please note, Christendom also gives out FREE money in the form of grant, as well as repayable loans, if you apply for financial aid. Here's the form.

So, hopefully you can see that although our price tag may seem a bit steep (although much more affordable than many other private Catholic colleges and universities, for sure), we give away a lot of money to help you to afford this unique, life-changing education. Please go here for more information about our financial aid program – you might be surprised by some of the cool things we offer to make a Christendom education affordable (like sibling discounts, for one).

God bless,