charlie van hecke

This issue of The Chronicler is dedicated to Charlie Van Hecke ('13) who died yesterday from complications from a heart-related surgery. Please pray for the repose of his soul and the consolation of his family.

Requiem Aeternam dona eis, Domine et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescat in pace. Amen.


Student Profile

Maria Klosterman

Year: Sophmore
From: Rochester, NY
Major: Either Philosophy or History
Hobbies: Intramural soccer, reading, singing
What's your favorite class or professor? Modern Philosophy with Prof. Michael Brown. He's very engaging and energetic and makes me excited to learn the material.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? Intramural sports, secretary of the business club, office manager in Special Operations. I like meeting new people and working with a variety of people.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The people and the environment. Everyone here is so happy and nice. It really is an environment that helps you become a better person.
Why did you choose Christendom? I was actually against coming here at first, but I visited my sister during my junior year of highschool and fell in love with the campus and all the aspects of the school.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? The fact that I actually love being here. I thought I would probably get bored or hate it here, but it's probably the best thing that's happened to me.
Plans after graduation? Get my paralegal certification and get involved in the legal side of the pro-life movement.
Any parting words of advice for a perspective student? Take advantage of all the amazing opportunities offered here, whether they are spiritual, intellectual, or social.


Student Life

Creative Cake Competition

The Dorm Wars campus-wide competitions came to an exciting and artistic head this week at the Dorm Wars Cake Bake-off. On Wednesday, each team presented a cake decorated in the spirit of Christendom College at lunch in the St. Lawrence Commons. Cakes were judged based on creative appearance, taste, and theme. “The Ostracized” team came in first place with their impressive globe “Instaurare” cake, displaying how Christendom “restores all things in Christ” across the world. “The Random Citizens” team came in second place with their “ring by spring” cake, and “The Conquering Cacti” came in third place with their chess board cake.

“Our cake was a very original idea which combined an aesthetically pleasing look with a great taste,” says freshman Cameron DeLaFleur, member of the winning team. “I greatly anticipate the continued triumphal march of ‘The Ostracized’ through this third annual Dorm Wars!”

Campus Chaplain, Fr. Planty, testing the cakes as part of his job as a judge.

Students giving their presentations to judges, Chef Dennis Paranzin0 and Mrs. Jessie Wines of the Business Office.

The winning cake by "The Ostracized" Team, displaying the many places Christendom is present around the globe.

Indoor Soccer Wars

The competitive side of Dorm Wars events has been apparent in the ongoing Indoor Soccer Tournament. Beginning last week and continuing through this week in the Crusader Gymnasium, each Dorm Wars team supplied at least five team members to take part in the intense series of soccer games. The championship games will take place this Thursday night and the victors will claim their place as the best indoor soccer team on campus!

“Our team, ‘Sean of the Dead,’ is finally emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the indoor soccer tournament,” says senior Sean LaRochelle. “We are excited about the championship game this week, and with the combined skills of John Jackson, Sean Ryan, and Pat Audino, we have a sure chance of winning it!”

Junior Peter Deucher brings the ball up the court.

Sophomore Pat Audino shows off his soccer skills.

Sophomore Elizabeth Wilson shows senior Johnny Foeckler some tough defense.


Poetry Night

Members of the Christendom community gathered at Kilian’s Café on Friday for a night of poetry. There was plenty of laughter and applause from the students as they enjoyed plenty of delicious food and listened to their fellow students bring line after line of poetry to life. The audience enjoyed listening to a wide variety of poems, from dramatic to comedic, from Shakespearean sonnets to more modern works by poets such as Sylvia Plath.

Some students recited lines from memory while others brought their favorite books of poems. Several participants even read pieces of poetry that they had written themselves. Director of Student Activities Caitlin Bowers and Chaplain Fr. Planty both made guest appearances and wowed the audience with their recitations of poems in various languages.

“It was great to see students come together and share their love of poetry,” said junior Maria Bonvissuto. “Poetry Night was a relaxed and fun way to hear the works of great poets and also those of our own peers.”

Sophomore Mary Clare Pilon shares a favorite poem with the audience.

Junior Leif Pilegaard recites works from Hillaire Belloc.


A Magical Sadie Hawkins

On Saturday night the ladies escorted the gentlemen of their choice to the Sadie Hawkins dance, the annual event where the girls ask the guys and have their dates dress up in costumes of their own design. The theme for this year’s Sadie Hawkins was “Fairy-tales and Children’s Stories,” and the St. Lawrence Commons was shining with paper lanterns and a glittering castle to serve as backdrops for the variety of characters that were represented by the students. The ladies kept their male classmates busy all night, and the dance floor was always full of people smiling, enjoying the opportunity to dress up and dance away an evening with friends.

Freshman Grace Mooney enjoys swing dancing with Spiderman.


Sophomore Duncan Forsythe and Freshman Katie Ward smile for the camera.

Sophomore Catherine McFadden and Freshman Andrew Ford pose in front of the castle.

As always, the Sadie Hawkins dance was a huge hit.


Philanthropy on Tap

The Student Philanthropy Board held a special “Philanthropy on Tap” event exclusively for seniors in the basement of the St. John the Evangelist Library on Sunday evening. The Student Philanthropy Board is a student-run organization whose main purpose is to educate Christendom students about the cost to run the college, and the importance of alumni giving. The Board showed the seniors a new video about the significance of alumni donations, and Student Philanthropy President Rebecca Deucher gave a brief talk on the subject following the video. The seniors then stayed and enjoyed a fun evening with their graduating class, chatting over yummy cocktails, snacks, and desserts.

"I think Philanthropy on Tap was a great success," Senior Kelsy Ingold said. "It is always so enjoyable to socialize with the rest of our senior class, and I had some really good conversations with fellow students about giving back to the school. I think that through these events, we are all growing in understanding how much we owe to benefactors, and coming to appreciate Christendom more and more."

The senior students gather together in the basement of the Library

Senior Rebecca Deucher, President of the Student Philanthropy Board, gives her presentation.

Cocktail hour in the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop.

Senior girls chat with Mrs. McFadden, wife of Mr. Tom McFadden, Director of Admissions, Marketing and Alumni Relations.


Crusader Sports Center

Saving the Best for Last: Big Win on Senior Night

With an average loss of almost 17 points per game against Trinity University in the last four years, the Lady Crusaders’ basketball match last night had all the makings for the greatest win in women's basketball history at Christendom. The game was also Senior Night where the senior players, Morgan Kavanagh, Bridget Vander Woude, and Sarah Peterson, were honored. The women’s basketball team came out and played a game for the ages as they held on to defeat Trinity, an NCAA Division III opponent, by a score of 64-60 in Crusader Gymnasium.

The game gave an unquestionable stamp of validation for the team this year. With the emotion of Senior Night and a gutsy effort from Elizabeth Ford, who played despite battling the flu, the Lady Crusaders played their best basketball on both ends of the court. With a clear size and speed advantage, the Tigers of Trinity were frustrated by the changing defense of the Lady Crusaders. The Christendom team came out slightly sluggish, but snapped out of it to open an early lead behind hot shooting from Morgan, Bridget, and Mary. The Tigers would only make 21 shots for the game against the strong defense of the Crusaders.

Clinging to a two-point lead at half time, Coach Brown delivered a wonderful speech that focused on the three seniors.

“Sarah has been a joy to coach, never missing a practice or a game,” Coach Brown said. “Morgan has given so much to Christendom and to me… Bridget has been ‘Miss Consistency.’ For her entire four years here, every game she leads by her actions and gives everything she has.”

The second half proved to be a very exciting 20 minutes of basketball. The Crusaders opened up a 13-point lead with just over 7 minutes to go, but the Trinity Tigers would not go down without a fight as they clawed their way back to make it a 3-point game with 40 seconds to go. After a solid defensive effort, the Lady Crusaders stopped the Tigers and Mary Barbale dribbled 10 seconds off the clock before the Tigers fouled Bridget Vander Woude.

Bridget put the nail in the coffin by sinking her second free-throw and increasing the lead to four points, which held as the women beat Trinity for the first time by a final score of 64-60.

For the seniors it was a sweet victory, having played Trinity eight times in four years and never winning. To win the last one was definitely special. Morgan Kavanagh at times seemed unstoppable scoring 20 of her game high 29 points in the second half. Mary Barbale finished with a double-double of 14 points and 13 rebounds.

Congratulations to the entire team and especially to the three seniors, Sarah, Bridget and Morgan. You will be missed! The team is off until Monday of next week when they head to Central Penn College.

Liz Ford fights for the rebound.

Bridget McMahon adds 2 points.

Seniors Morgan Kavanagh, Sarah Peterson, and Bridget Vander Woude with Coach Michael Brown.


Special Report

It's not Business, it's Personal

Students at Christendom College have an academic experience like none other thanks to the very personalized nature of their education. Whether it’s inside or outside the classroom, there are so many opportunities for students to make the academics their own.

One of the greatest factors contributing to this personal education at Christendom is its small size. There are no huge lecture halls filled with hundreds of students. Each class has an excellent student to teacher ratio, and upper-level elective courses especially are the perfect size for fruitful seminar discussion. In any class at Christendom, there is always ample occasion for students to ask questions about the material or voice their thoughts on a subject. Professors come to know each of their students individually because of the manageable size of their classes.

The professors themselves also do much to enhance and personalize each student’s education at Christendom. Actual professors—not teaching assistants—conduct all classes.They welcome and encourage participation from everyone and are always willing to remain after class to further discuss a question or concern that an individual student might have. Thanks to small class sizes, professors are able to give helpful personalized feedback on the academic strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Each student has a professor for an academic advisor through all four years at Christendom. This advisor helps the student to choose his or her classes and to plot a sound course through college that fits his or her personal academic needs. When the time comes for students to write their senior theses, they are each able to choose a professor from the department of their major to advise them. These thesis advisors assist the seniors on every step of the way during their thesies writing.

In addition to their duties as advisors, professors make themselves very available for students by offering regular office hours. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get one-on-one help from their professors. Office hours are also an invaluable way for students and professors to get to know each other personally.

The personalized aspect of a Christendom education comes into play outside of the classroom too. It’s not uncommon to hear students discussing topics that they just learned about in class in the dorms or at the lunch table. It is in this environment where intellectual debate is encouraged that students begin to take a personal interest in their academics. Through discussion with their peers, they apply the subjects of their courses to their own lives. The matters that a professor introduces in class thus become even more significant and personal for each student.

At Christendom, there is no lack of attention to the academic and intellectual needs of every individual. Students here are not mere numbers. They are known and cared about by their professors. Their classes come to affect their own lives personally. By the end of four years here, every student can walk away saying that he or she received a truly personal education.


Tom McFaddenAsk the Director

Q. Do your graduates go to grad schools, and if so, what do they study?

Approximately 15% of our alumni have gone to graduate school, which shows that a graduate degree, although well worth earning, is not necessary in order to find a good-paying career in today's workforce. But those who have attended graduate school have ended up studying just about everything:

  • Electrical Engineering at George Mason University
  • Medicine at Creighton University
  • Business at the University of Notre Dame
  • Psychology at the Institute of Psychological Sciences
  • Theology at the Angelicum
  • English at the University of Oxford
  • Law at William & Mary
  • Physical Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
  • Classics at Harvard
  • Architecture at Virginia Tech
  • Nursing at Vanderbilt University
  • And so on...

For a more complete list of where our alumni have gone, and what they have studied, please go here.

God bless,