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Sadie Bratt

Admissions Counselor

Hello! My name is Sadie Bratt and I am very excited to be an Admissions Counselor at Christendom.

I come from the small town of Dixon, Illinois, recently made famous by the biggest embezzlement scheme of American history! I grew up in a family of 12 siblings, 4 boys and 8 girls, and I now have 9 nieces and 3 nephews, with more on the way; one of my favorite things to do is take road trips to visit my siblings, who are spread out all over the US, in Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina, and counting. It’s always great fun at our family reunions in the summer, because we have a tennis tournament with both singles and doubles (which my twin sister, Mo, and I always win, of course), and can get highly competitive!

My older siblings have all (except one) attended Christendom College, and it has been such a great blessing for our family. It has strengthened our faith; taught us to think logically, independently, and critically; and enhanced our worldview for the better. And family discussions are so much more interesting when everyone has an opinion and knows how to defend it! My eyes were opened to the blessing I when during my junior year, I had to take a semester off to work. I never wanted the education here more than when it was uncertain whether I would finish, and having to work to earn it made me appreciate it so much more!

I love to play tennis, ski, and sing, and eventually I hope to become a choir director. My family grew up singing, and in my senior year in high school, I decided that I wanted to inspire people through music. When I came to Christendom, I joined the choir, and it solidified my love of music and the joy that it brings people. It is truly one of the most beautiful experiences on this campus. During my years here, I was also on Student Activities Council and played soccer, which have both been great times as well.

I look forward to working in the Admissions Office; if you have any questions about our Summer Program or Applications, please don’t hesitate to contact me!