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Why Christendom?


  • College Launches Mathematics Major
    Christendom is pleased to announce the addition of a major in mathematics with an option to minor in physics for the fall semester of 2015.
  • "A standard" for Catholic liberal arts colleges
    The 2015 edition of “The Newman Guide” describes Christendom as “a standard for fidelity and traditional education against which other Catholic liberal arts colleges are measured.”
  • A Winning Season
    All three of Christendom's fall sports teams are preparing to close their seasons with strong winning records this week.
  • Join Us!
    Discover the Christendom difference at one of our Open Houses this fall.
  • Married Intact God Worshipping Families Are the Answer
    Dr. Pat Fagan, says that from a sociological viewpoint, the married intact heterosexual family that worships God weekly has the most positive effect on children and society.
  • Making Christendom More Affordable
    Christendom College announces the launch of a new scholarship matching program this year for admitted students.
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