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  • Shark Tank’s Cuban Goes Maverick Endorsing Liberal Arts
    Famed billionaire Mark Cuban, who has a degree in business administration, is going against the tide by endorsing the liberal arts and predicting that the skills gained […]
  • Alumnus with Breitbart News Has Seat at the White House
    In the days leading up to the March for Life, Americans around the country wondered: would the new, pro-life administration have a presence at the 44th annual March? Thanks […]
  • A Professor, an Alumna, and a Poet
    This story appears in the Winter 2016 issue of Instaurare. Subscribe today! Bringing the Faith to York, England. The University of York is a bastion of research in the United […]
  • From iPod to Christendom
    This story appears in the Winter 2016 issue of Instaurare. Subscribe today! How the College’s Media Changed a Life. While working at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, […]
  • Taking College Out of the Ashes
    World-renowned author and college professor Anthony Esolen has been taking a lot of heat recently from members of his own community at Providence College. He recently penned […]
  • Fighting for Life in Philadelphia
    This story appears in the Winter 2016 issue of Instaurare. Subscribe today! Alumnae on the Front Lines in the Battle against the Tragedy of Abortion. Philadelphia—the city of […]
  • Author Dr. Matthew Levering Promotes Virtue of Studiousness in Annual Aquinas Lecture
    Theology chair for the University of Saint Mary of the Lake Dr. Matthew Levering presented the annual St. Thomas Aquinas Lecture at Christendom College this past week to a […]

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  • Our first runner-up for #photooftheweek goes to @johanna_burke! #mychristendom #ohshenandoah ⛰
  • #tgif, everyone! @tamlyn_sheng has officially defended her title from last week, winning #photooftheweek for the 2nd week in a row! 👍🏻#Repost @tamlyn_sheng with @repostapp
Truth is found through both faith and reason. But, it is faith that leads reason. 🤓#mychristendom
  • Office hours outside in February? It happened. Here's our final #photooftheweek runner-up from this past week, thanks to history professor @brendanjmcguirerugby! (If you like this photo, you'll get extra credit on your midterm. Maybe.) #mychristendom
  • Here's our 1st #photooftheweek runner-up for this week. Congrats to @marshianinvasion!
with @repostapp
It takes a lot of work to fill up a chapel on a Friday night for a Holy Hour, but I know there's no place we'd rather be 😀. #firstfriday #laudamuste #mychristendom
  • #TGIF! Here's this week's #photooftheweek, courtesy of @tamlyn_sheng! ❄️#Repost @tamlyn_sheng ・・・
Get ready guys, winter is coming ❄️🌨 #mychristendom
  • Here's our 2nd #photooftheweek runner-up from @hels.briggs! #mychristendom #shenandoah 🌊
  • Here's our first #photooftheweek runner-up! Congratulations to @tamlyn_sheng! #mychristendom #Repost @tamlyn_sheng with @repostapp
The #MarchforLife may be over but that doesn't mean we put down the call for justice #MyChristendom
  • It's here: our first #photooftheweek for 2017! We'll be posting these photos and select runner-ups every week until the end of the semester. Congratulations to our first winner, @marshianinvasion! #mychristendom ・・・
It is our duty for us who have voices to stand for the voiceless. We are the pro-life generation. #mychristendom #whywemarch #prolife
  • The #prolifegeneration has arrived! #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife

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