ISI Chooses Christendom as Top College

September 24, 2004

1In the newly revised 2005 college guide, Choosing the Right College, composed by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and published by ISI Books, Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, is once again listed among the top 125 colleges in the US.

Choosing the Right College 2005: The Whole Truth about America's Top Schools offers an alternative to college guides that skimp on real information. It's a guide with comprehensive, original, and independent research on what is actually happening on campuses nationwide. This 1,008-page survey amounts to a major statement on the condition of higher education in America today.

The research staff of Choosing the Right College interviewed hundreds of professors and students. The result is a commentary on the intellectual, political, and social conditions at each institution that provides insider information vital to assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the school. Each 3,000 word essay in Choosing the Right College assesses in depth the integrity and rigor of the institution's curriculum which recommendations which courses to take; reports on the state of academic freedom and the extent of political correctness, as well as analyzing their effect on campus life; lists the best professors and departments and the most politicized elements of each school; and paints a broad picture of the traditions, student organizations, and settings that make every institution unique.

Endorsed by everyone from Dr. Laura Schlessinger to Fr. Richard John Neuhaus to the New York Times, Choosing the Right College – The Whole Truth About America's Top Schools is a much needed tool in today's world to make sure that parents and students will not, according to syndicated columnist Cal Thomas "be supporting the systematic destruction of the values, faith, and worldview they have spent so many years building up."

In speaking of Christendom's mission "to restore all things in Christ," Choosing writes that "this belief in and commitment to truth sets Christendom apart from the great run of colleges and universities today, and has led the school to create a challenging and coherent program that turns out exceptionally well-educated and able graduates."

Christendom has been ranked in each edition of ISI's college guide, the first being published in 1998. And not surprisingly. According to the guide, Christendom's 84-hour core curriculum "goes far beyond what even many ‘good' liberal arts colleges require....With an all-encompassing vision of the liberal arts driving the curriculum, the faculty and administration are at pains to create an educational experience in which each course, major, and rule for community life contributes to an integrated Catholic worldview."



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