Political Science Professors Luckey and Bersnak Appear in the Press

May 10, 2012

Dr. William Luckey and Prof. Bracy Bersnak
Christendom College Political Science & Economics Professors Dr. William Luckey and P. Bracy Bersnak have penned articles that have recently appeared the press. Writing for Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Luckey examines the “Exultet,” a very lengthy, yet beautiful, proclamation of the resurrection of Christ at Easter. Bersnak’s article, in The American Spectator, tackles Europe’s economic crisis from a historical standpoint.

Luckey who holds advanced degrees in business, economics, politics, and theology takes a look at what the Church today can learn from the “Exultet.”

He writes:

While it has always been understood, theologically, that Easter—the Resurrection of the Lord—is the greatest feast of the Church, more attention has actually been given to Christmas…

St. Paul tells us that “if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised.  If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins” (1 Cor 15:16-17). Essentially, if it were not for the resurrection, all the other things that Jesus did and said, including his birth, would not be efficacious for our salvation.  Hence, all revolves around his rising from the dead.

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In The American Spectator, Bersnak, along with co-author Peter Doran, explains how the great thinkers Friedrich von Hayek and Wilhelm Röpke saw the current economic crisis in Europe coming. Bersnak and Doran warn that a crisis can still happen here in America.

They write:

Much like the debt crisis of our own time, the dimensions of Europe's post-War reconstruction were staggering. Only instead of ruined factories and decimated cities, today's contemporary European leaders must contend with bombed out credit ratings and the herculean task of reordering the continent's dysfunctional economies. Then, as now, the basic policy debate centered on the state's role as guarantor of public prosperity and welfare; and perhaps more importantly, how to finance it.

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