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Highlights from Instaurare

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Enjoy some of the best stories from our Instaurare magazine.

Seventeen & Christendom

Alumni parents of seventeen children see the college as the best means for preparing their children for this world and the next. Read the full story.

Impacting Arlington

The college’s local ground has felt the impact of what Bishop Emeritus Paul Loverde of Arlington, Va., called “one of the finest Catholic colleges in the entire country and beyond." Read the full story.

Building Community

Alumnus Jacob Meza ’05 is using his Christendom education to build up his community by prioritizing family and moral values with the hope that his example will help others do the same. Read the full story.

Maybe Mom and Dad Do Know Best

College is a difficult decision for everyone. For Alex Brefeld and Emily Farabaugh, their decision became easier after just one week at Christendom, during the Experience Christendom Summer Program. Read the full story.

A Candle In the Darkness

For benefactor Gene D'Agostino, society is at a crossroads. The next generation needs help, and he has found a solution: a Christendom education. Read the full story.

Rooted in Faith

Sean-Patrick Lovett, the Director of English Programming for Vatican Radio, sees the modern forms of communication as the key for evangelization in the future. Read the full story.

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