Christendom College


Summer Institute 2002: Building the Civilization of Love

This year, while many in America traveled to the sunny beaches of the coast to celebrate Independence Day weekend, over 250 faithful and devoted Christendom College Summer Institute participants spent their holiday weekend in the splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River, learning how to Build the Civilization of Love. Christendom College's Fourteenth Annual Summer Institute, "Building the Civilization of Love," was held in its St. Louis the Crusader Gymnasium on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 5-7, 2002,…

The Origins of Christendom College

Christendom College is a unique educational institution. Its purpose of imparting an authentic Christian education with emphasis on preparing the laity for their apostolic duties in modern society, distinguishes it from the majority of colleges existing today. The story of how the College came to be is no less unique. December 1965 brought the close of the Second Vatican Council. Many in the Church were using the Council to promote all manner of heterodox teaching. September 1966: enter Triumph magazine,…

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