cd_coverChristendom College is known for its culture and traditions. And contained in that rich Catholic tradition is music, most especially liturgical music. In fact, traditional liturgical music and chant is a forte of the College’s choir and schola, as can be heard at each 10am Sunday Mass in the Chapel of Christ the King.

Two years ago, the College’s choir recorded its first CD, comprised solely of liturgical music. Now, it announces the release of its first Christmas compact disc recording, For Unto Us A Child Is Born.

Dr. Kurt Poterack, Director of the Christendom Choir, gathered together an “all-star” choir, composed of a number of highly talented area alumni along with the best of the current students, and recorded the CD in March of 2003. The result is magnificent and will surely help anyone discover the true meaning of Christmas.

The basic concept of the CD is a journey through Advent to Christmas day. Thus there are some liturgical antiphons and Marian pieces from the Advent season which, though often unfamiliar, are very beautiful. All of these are done without instrumental accompaniment – as is the tradition during the Advent season. The climax of the CD is reached when Christmas morning is signaled with a solo organ piece, Bach’s Prelude in G major BWV 541, performed by Christendom junior Jacinta Whittaker. After this, both liturgical and devotional music of the Christmas season proper is performed both accompanied and unaccompanied. Such familiar carols as Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and O Come All Ye Faithfulmingle with movements from a Mass associated with Christmas (Victoria’s Missa O Magnum Mysterium) and traditional Christmas chant pieces such as Puer natus est and Puer natus in Bethlehem. Aside from organ accompaniment, a professional local brass quintet performed some sparkling accompaniments to the familiar Christmas carols.

Aside from the brass quintet, all of the performers are associated with Christendom College and should give some idea of the talent at the College. And it should be added that the cover of the CD is a reproduction of a painting, Madonna of the Quail, by alumnus Patrick Diemer ‘84 who sadly passed away on March 5, 2002. The CD sells for $15.95 and can be purchased by contacting 1-800-698-6649 or visiting Christendom Press online at www.christendompress.com.

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