frank-wolf“As we become weaker economically, the world becomes a more dangerous place,” Congressman Frank Wolf told students during his October 15 visit to Christendom College. “There are forces out there that want to destroy us… It isn’t important only for us and our nation, but for the world… When we become weakened as a nation, around the world, it becomes more dangerous, particularly for people who are oppressed.”

Congressman Wolf has represented Virginia’s 10th District since 1981.  He has a long record of speaking out for the persecuted around the world and is considered one the leading crusaders in Congress for human rights. He has traveled the world to call attention to human rights abuses and religious persecution around the globe.

Christendom’s College Republicans arranged the Congressman’s visit. In his address, he warned students of the various economic challenges currently facing America.

“We need to reallocate spending and put it in other areas, to truly create a renaissance—to do what your parents and your grandparents did for you—what we will do for the future generations, so we can honestly say—so I can say to my 13 grandkids—to the youngest one, ‘Noah, America’s best days are yet ahead and the sun has barely begun to rise.’”

The Congressman concluded by challenging the students to get involved in politics.

“You’ve got to have some passion! You have to care! …You’ve got to understand and you’ve got to be a part of the solution, because if you’re not part of the solution, you really almost become part of the problem… This is the time to participate and to really be involved. We’ve got to take care of this economy, to get control of this debt, and to bring about a renaissance in this nation, because when we do, it’s good for us, but also it has a calming influence around the world. We are the nation always that stands by the poor and the hungry.”

This passionate talk, as well as the Q&A session, can be heard at Christendom on iTunes U.

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