writingStudents at Christendom College are known for their impressive writing abilities, based in part on the fact that they are given ample opportunities to hone their skills by writing many term papers during their time at the college.  As a result, quite often, Christendom students and alumni enjoy success as writers for online and print publications.

Recently, current sophomore Athanasius Clark joined their ranks with an article published by Seton Magazine. While many look for success only post-graduation, Clark’s article proves that success can come earlier, thanks to the preparation given by a liberal arts education.

Clark’s article, “From Homeschool to College: 5 Tips To Success,” reveals the strong, analytical writing skills that are a trademark of a liberal arts education, as he sheds light on the steps current high-school students can take to be ready for success in college.

Clark is not alone in enjoying an early career in journalism. Sophomore Corinne Weaver wrote an article about the pro-life movement for the Arlington Catholic Herald last month, while sophomore Rachel Hoover’s weekly academic blog Core Knowledge has become a feature in Christendom’s online news publication The Chronicler, read by thousands weekly. Sophomore Abigail Reimel also is a frequent blogger and writer, with her latest article on dating being published recently on Ignitum Today.

“Why wait to begin a career after college, when you can start taking the steps to succeed now?” asks Christendom’s vice president for enrollment Tom McFadden.  “The liberal arts education here at Christendom provides our students with the tools to communicate effectively from day one — that’s why so many of our alumni are so successful in their varied careers. To see students take the initiative and begin their careers now bodes well for the future, and speaks volumes in regards to the preparation a liberal arts education can provide.”

While some members of academia still suggest that a liberal arts degree is not relevant in the 21st century, the publishing of these articles, and countless others written by alumni of Christendom College, proves that it can provide students with the skills to succeed before and after graduation.

Christendom College has provided one of the most rigorous liberal arts educations in the United States since its founding in 1977, helping students achieve the writing and communication skills necessary to thrive in a journalistic environment. The scholarly works of current and past Christendom students are in high demand, with alumni such as Charlie Spiering and Peter Jesserer Smith now working as full-time journalists for Breitbart News and The National Catholic Register respectively.

To find out more about how to find success in journalism, please visit our Life on Tap page.

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