Alumna Laura S. Gossin’s biography of college founder Dr. Warren H. Carroll is garnering critical acclaim, with the latest review from Catholic World Report calling it an “engaging account of conversion, belief, struggle, and love.” The book, titled One Man Perched on a Rock, chronicles Carroll’s life as a historian and as the founder of Christendom College.

Catholic World Report’s review praises Gossin’s thorough account, pointing out how Carroll’s conversion to Catholicism is “refreshingly unique” and demands reading.

“Gossin masterfully traces the various pieces of his life’s story, the twists and turns and intellectual movements which slowly cultivated a heart open and yearning for truth, making it ready to react suddenly and willingly when finally discovering Truth is a Person whose name is Jesus,” writes Alan L. Anderson in his review.

In addition, the review notes that the book’s account of Carroll’s founding of Christendom College should be of interest to Catholics, for it reveals the power of God’s grace in the founding of any true apostolate.

“In documenting the founding and growth of Christendom, Gossin presents us a case study, an archetype, of the struggles and pitfalls and, ultimately, the providence of God’s grace in undertaking any true apostolate. Indeed, reading the book brings to mind so many similar stories which should be familiar to us, [such as] the seeming improbability of obtaining the necessary resources for the undertaking (think of the story of Mother Angelica and her purchase of the necessary equipment to launch her television network),” writes Anderson.

Read the full review here.

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