Christendom College theology chairman Dr. Matthew Tsakanikas is featured in a leading Catholic publication again, after appearing on Vatican News earlier this month. Now, Tsakanikas is writing for The Catholic World Report, discussing St. Augustine, orthodoxy, and worship.

Tsakanikas delves deep into the subject of orthodoxy in his article, pointing out that many people do not realize its full relevance. Instead, they say that orthodoxy is “correct doctrine,” a meaning that stops short of the end of orthodoxy.

“A definition of orthodox or orthodoxy which does not end in ‘correct [authentic] worship,’ and does not understand that worship must involve man’s intelligence and volition for transformation, will not serve well the Catholic faith,” says Tsakanikas.

Tsakanikas digs into St. Augustine’s thoughts on the matter later in his article, drawing upon his doctrinal work of De Trinitate to further emphasize his point that “correct doctrine is completed in true worship and glorification.”

Read the full article here.

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