Although Christendom’s academic program is rigorous – one requiring much reading, writing, and studying – the students do like to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to have fun with their friends, and showcase their many talents. Two events in particular stand out on the spring calendar of events: the annual swing and waltz competition and the A Cappella competition. Both bring Christendom’s fine arts offerings to the forefront, showcasing the vast array of talent found amongst the students in the process.

The swing and waltz competition is one of the college’s most popular, as students choreograph and perform intricate dance routines. This year, five couples entered for the waltz competition. Each pair took the floor in turn to dance to a song they had selected in advance. The style of each waltz was different, based on the song and the particular strengths of the couple. For example, the third-place winners, freshmen Clare Wilson and Aidan Fletcher, danced to a track from the movie The Greatest Showman. The audience enjoyed the variety of styles, cheering loudly for their favorites.

The swing dance competition had thirteen entries, which boosted the excitement and competitiveness of the dancers. All the teams were welcomed to the floor to dance to one song together before five couples were chosen to advance to the next round. It was a difficult decision for the judges, and everyone was impressed by the ambitious aerials and fancy steps the teams pulled off.

The lucky five couples who advanced each performed a pre-choreographed song. Once again, the variety of styles made clear the breadth of Christendom’s talent, and the energy of the dancers kept the audience cheering.

The tremendous talent of Christendom’s community again came to the forefront in the A Cappella competition. This year, many teams competed which made for an exciting evening. No instruments or traditional choral pieces were allowed, challenging students to creatively use their voices to render popular songs in a new form.

The choreography of the various teams had the audience laughing, and the choice of songs kept everyone on their toes. This year’s winner was a team of mostly freshmen, who impressed the audience with a Disney song medley. Second place went to a large group that sang “April Showers” from the movie Bambi.

These two artistic events bring together the Christendom community each year for friendly competition and camaraderie, showing the talent, joy, and energy that the students have to offer. Restoring the culture requires building up, not tearing down. Events like the swing and waltz competition and the A Cappella competition offer an outlet for talents to be used constructively in a way that highlights the joy of true community.

Contributed by Riley Damitz (’20). 

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