Christendom College will honor its 40th graduating class during Commencement Weekend, May 10-12. Author Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., will deliver the commencement address at this year’s ceremony on May 11 and will be awarded the college’s St. Peter Canisius Award. Humanae Vitaeexpert Dr. Janet Smith will be awarded an honorary doctorate from the college on May 10 and will deliver remarks to the graduating class.

This year’s commencement ceremonies are closed to the public and only those with tickets will be able to come onto campus for the various events. To watch the livestream of this year’s ceremonies on Saturday, May 11, please visit Christendom’s YouTube page.

Beginning on Friday, the college will welcome over a thousand guests to its Front Royal, Virginia, campus as they celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2019 with a Baccalaureate Mass, celebrated by the Diocese of Arlington’s Bishop Michael Burbidge. Following the Mass, there will be an elegant dinner, where Smith will be given an honorary doctorate and deliver remarks.

On Saturday, Fr. Spitzer will be awarded the college’s St. Peter Canisius Award before delivering the commencement address to the graduating class.

A record one hundred and twenty-five bachelor of arts degrees will be awarded to Margaret Adams, Sophie Adams, Celina Albisu, Thomas Anderson, McCarthy Andrews, Lilia Baker, Mary Bookwalter, Garrett Boord, Helena Briggs, Emily Brown, Jonathan Buehler, Dylan Burgess, Johanna Burke, Joshua Butek, Valerie Carter, Jacob Cassidy, Clare Castellan, Augustine Cavalier, Laura Cermak, Julia Ciskanik, Clifford Clemotte, Anna Cook, Daniel Corkery, Margaret Coyne, Peter Day, Nicolas del Rosal, Michael Duca, Benjamin Dunphy, Jacqueline Durant, Norman Dusseault III, John Echaniz, Emily Farabaugh, Nicole Feldman, Eric Firehammer, Karl Foeckler, Lisa Foos, Mîlanna Fritz, Mercy Gjolberg, Angela Golden, Sophie Gordon, Abigail Grande, Courtney Hahn, Mary-Grace Handy, Colleen Haupt, Catherine Hepler, Clare Hepler, Bernadette Hibl, Alexandria Hill, Lillian Hynfield, Catherine Jackson, John Paul Janaro, Daniel Jost II, Margaret Kaiser, Joseph D. Kelly, Joseph P. Kelly, Nuala Kelly, Sarah Kokes, Luke Kopeck, Krista Kosar, Kevin Kuplack, Genevieve La Fave, Alexander Lancaster, Joshua Lane, Michael LaRochelle, Felice Litterio, Henry Love, Hannah Lowe, Erica Lucas, Alejandro Lupo, Timothy Marra, Benjamin Marsh, Ciára McArdle, Shane McCrum, Francisco McDonough, Charles McKenna, Mary McLaughlin, Gemma McMahon, Mary McWhirter, Patrick Meier, Victoria Merriman, Jerome Mersch, Georgie Messing, Mary Katherine Mooney, Sabrina Morales, Jeana Morgan, Jerome Norton, Stephanie Nussio, Benedict O’Brien, Sebastian O’Donnell, Rose O’Reilly, Ann Pennefather, Patrick Pennefather, Joseph Peters, Tait Pilegaard, Dominic Pileggi, Maria Pogue, Kristina Prebilic, Hannah Puncer, Theresa Raabe, Nathaniel Reyes, Meghan Santschi, Christine Schmidt, Joseph Schneider, Katarina Schwake, Luke Scrivener, Tamlyn Sheng, Vincent Smith, David Snyder, Annemarie Speer, John Sullivan, Elisa Townsend, Christopher Tran, Amanda Tutt, Patricia Walsh, Adriana Walter, Thomas Ward, Emily Weichert, Elise Whittaker, Seamus Wick, Eileen Williamson, Joshua Wilson, Bailey Young, Gemma Youngman, and Sarah Ziegler.

Two associate of arts degrees will also be awarded to Jean McCoy and Andrew Stauffer.

For more information on this year’s Commencement, please visit here.

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