Christendom’s Life on Tap series hosts alumni from a wide range of fields to speak on campus and offer professional guidance to students. This semester, the college’s career development office hosted alumni who spoke about nursing, social media and marketing, and attending grad school. In previous semesters, alumni have come back to speak about STEM, business, IT, software development, law, education, architecture, finance, medicine, and more. This semester’s series closed with alumni Greg Settducati (’03) and John Curran (’91) speaking about their careers as FBI agents.

Greg Settducati has been a special agent with the FBI Washington Field Office since 2012. He currently works on a Transitional Organized Crime squad based out of the Northern Virginia Resident Agency located in Manassas, Virginia.

John Curran (’91) is a recently retired supervisory special agent who had been assigned to the FBI’s Washington Field Office. He was employed with the FBI for 24 years and has investigated a variety of issues, including criminal, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence matters.

Settducati and Curran, both philosophy majors, advised the students, who were packed into St. Kilian’s Café, on how to translate their liberal arts degrees into a career with the FBI. Both of these alumni felt that their Christendom education has been extremely helpful in their career, and gave the students insights into some things they can do now, as students, to help them prepare for a career in the intelligence field.

Both Curran and Settducati shared that the copious research, reading, and writing done during their studies at Christendom was great preparation for a career in the FBI. Being able to take in and process a large amount of information is a key to success in that field, while being able to write clearly and swiftly has helped them to excel, too.

Both men agreed that studying the liberal arts helped them to think critically and analytically, which has been an invaluable asset to them in their roles. Overall, a Christendom education gave both alumni soft skills that have helped them succeed in their careers with the FBI.

Next semester’s Life on Tap and Outside the Box speaker series have been scheduled, with a great line up of speakers slated to speak to the students.  Maria McFadden ’18 and Alex Klassen ’04 will talk about their lives as event planners on February 5, while Dan Beller ’12 and Jackson Kulick ’08 while discuss the field of business management on February 19.  Sean Patrick Lovett will fly in from Rome to talk to the students about communication and his positions as the head of the English Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See on March 18, followed by famed political journalist John McCaslin, who will speak about being a “Catholic Inside the Beltway,” on March 25.

Each of these talks assists students with their understanding of the work world and gives them deep insights into a variety of career fields. To learn more about these events, go HERE.

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